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10 Exercises to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes!!!

If you are counting calories or just watching what you eat, and you eat something a bit naughty (as we all do sometimes!!) … how do you drop that extra 100 calories you just consumed???  The good news is you only need 10 minutes to burn it off.

You could run for 5-7 minutes – that will burn off approximately 100 calories, or you could go for a brisk walk for 10 – 15 minute which will do the same.

10 exercises in 10 minutes

Here’s 10 exercises that take just 10 minutes that will burn off at least 100 calories.


Jogging on the spot – 100 reps

Start position
Middle position
End position


Shuffles – 100 reps

Start position
End position

These are clever to trick you into feeling like you are skiing or moving like a train because it is challenging but doable. If you keep your arms and legs straight and do smaller movements, then you can increase the speed safely to get maximum results of increasing your heart rate that burns more calories.


Front kicks – 50 reps

Start position


End position


Jacks – 50 reps

Start position
End position

Star jumps with bend knees, land gently and carefully each time, only jump slightly off the ground to prevent injuries. Deep breathing. Faster but smaller movements.


Squat punch – 50 reps

Start position
End position

Feet are hip width apart or wide if you wish to work your inner thighs more. Toes and knees slightly turned out. Tuck the tail bone slightly under and activate your core muscles. Keep your back in a neutral position up right. Alternate punches from right to left as you go down on the squat.


Alternate lunges  – 20 reps right – 20 reps left

Start position
End position

Stabilize your balance and core first, keep your legs a 90 degrees. Keep your back heel up, focusing on dropping your back knee straight down.


Side kicks – 20 reps right – 20 reps left

Start position


End position

Any kind of kicks are both fun to do and a great workout. These are great for flexibility and cardiovascular. This helps work your heart and lungs more efficiently. This creates more oxygen, which also increases happy hormones.


Mountain climbers – 50 reps

Start position
End position

Start in a push-up starting position. Keeping your spine straight, bring alternate knees in towards the chest as fast or slow as you feel is safe and comfortable for you. Continue for 30 seconds, alternating. Try not to forfeit the integrity of the spine for speed.


Bunny hops  – 30 reps

Start position
End position

Put your hands under your shoulders. Make sure your shoulder blades are pushing back and down away from your ears to avoid tension through your upper body! Continue for 30 seconds, Try not to forfeit the integrity of the spine for speed.


Bicycle hops – 50 reps

Start position


End position



This is fabulous for your upper, lower and side abdominal muscles that pull your waist in. Rotate your shoulder to your knee and keep both shoulders and elbows off the ground. Lift your chest to your knees with your chin tucked down on an imaginary peach.

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