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12 creative ways to still celebrate EASTER during lockdown

Easter weekend is upon us! And while the celebrations won’t be the same this year, as we’re in the midst of a lockdown, it doesn’t mean Easter is cancelled!

You can still do a HEAP of things with your own family and enjoy the holiday.

Here are 12 ways to celebrate Easter in self-isolation…

12 ways to celebrate Easter during lockdown

1. Still hold an Easter egg hunt

12 creative ways to still celebrate EASTER during lockdown

If you were planning on doing an Easter egg / scavenger hunt in your backyard with your kids – you still can! 

2. Play family board games

12 creative ways to still celebrate EASTER during lockdown

Like Christmas, Easter is a time for families to bond and spend time together. What better excuse to bond than to play a few family board games?

3. Have a family roast

If you normally hold a family feast over Easter, you still can but it may be a lot smaller than you had anticipated. However, this means less cooking and washing up!

Check out the recipe for our Roast Turkey with Stuffing and Mint Salad

4. Camping in the backyard 

If you normally get away over the Easter weekend and go camping, you still can… but in your backyard or front room.

The kids will love it! At least, if you forget anything or it starts raining you don’t have to worry! Instead of making a campfire, you can use tea lights and the kids can still toast marshmallows over them.

5. Make Chocolatey Snacks

There is absolutely NO reason for you to miss out on chocolate just because you are trying to lose weight or the shops don’t have any eggs left.

Make a selection of delicious AND healthy chocolatey snacks for the Easter holidays.

Top 9 Guilt-Free Healthy Chocolatey Snacks

6. Decorate your own eggs

5 Easter Gifts Kids Will Love That Aren’t Chocolate

Fancy an arts and crafts afternoon? Get your kids to paint and decorate farm eggs that you can put around the house to feel in the spirit of Easter.

7. FaceTime with family

12 creative ways to still celebrate EASTER during lockdown

Easter is often a time that family members get together. You can still make time to connect with people via social media.

Plus, everyone will be off and at home, so there’s no excuses to not catch up!

8. Make your own hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are a yummy snack in the lead up to Easter BUT they can be high in calories and not great if you are following a weight loss plan.

So instead, check out our healthy Gluten-Free recipe for this popular Easter Favourite and enjoy them without any guilt.

Full recipe here.

9. Make your own Easter bonnets

Your child’s school Easter bonnet parade has most likely been cancelled so why not try making your own Easter bonnets at home instead? You could do a family fashion parade after!

10. Watch Easter services online

A lot of people go to church around Easter, but religious places are now closed. Many priests are holding services online though.

Check with your local church when the services are.

11. See zoo animals virtually online

Do you normally go to the zoo to visit the animals at Easter? Many wildlife centres and farms are also holding online animal feeding sessions, and extra educational support so make sure you check them out online.

12. Leave a note from the Easter Bunny your children are confused about whether or not the Easter Bunny is allowed to visit during lockdown, why not make a note from him, saying that he will be delivering eggs later on as he’s self-isolating (if you’ve not bought any) or a recipe on how to make your own this year?

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