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14 SMALL Changes To Lose Half a Pound A Week – By Moms Who Have Done It

When you are starting your weight loss journey, it can seem a bit daunting. Changing your entire lifestyle and swapping out all the bad habits for good ones isn’t easy. But it can be. How? By starting small – and that is our entire ethos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Little things can add up to big differences. Just ask these moms who shared with us what SMALL changes have helped them achieve BIG weight loss success.

Small Things = Big Differences

It’s always good to keep the big picture in mind. But on those days when the end result seems too far away and the big picture is too overwhelming to look at, take a step back. We all have to start somewhere.

These inspirational moms started small but gained amazing results proving that even the minor changes can lead to massive weight loss results.

14 tips to help get you started and see you losing half a pound a week.

1. Think small

Even with portion sizes. Using a small plate can easily help you keep track of how much you are eating as can a portion control bowl.

2. Eliminate the temptation

Start by ditching the sweets and snacks in the pantry. Then, train yourself not to pick at the leftover foods the kids leave. One mom says she puts away her daughter’s leftovers before she has a chance to eat them.

Another mom went one step further by adopting a puppy…which meant she no longer could eat the kids’ leftovers.

Sandy’s small swap from coffee to green tea has made a big difference!

3. Swap to herbal teas

For many of our moms, simply starting the day with herbal tea or water rather than coffee has made a huge difference.

As Sandy tells us, swapping to green or peppermint tea has left her “feeling energized in the afternoon instead of sluggish.” 

Chloe’s incredible herbal tea difference!

For Chloe, incorporating herbal teas has “made a huge difference in my bloating and in turn made me feel better about myself as I felt less self-conscious!” 

3. Organize your meals

For Nataria, writing a weekly meal plan has been her secret to success. You can even go one step further by making double batches of meals and freezing them for the evenings when you are too tired to cook.

4. Set little goals (with rewards)

Losing a half pound is worth celebrating (even if you have 100 lbs more to go). Offer yourself a little reward for every milestone you reach (a hair cut, a new dress, a night out).

As Chel, who has lost an incredible 110 lbs* tells us, “I set a goal for the first 10 lbs lost to get a new pair of running shoes which would assist me with learning how to run. I stuck to that reward and have lost another 100 lbs, and learned how to run)!”

Chel lost an incredible 110 lbs by allowing for rewards

Shannon also has a unique reward system. She puts money in a tin anytime she wants a takeaway. “I’m saving for a vacation now,” she tells us.

4. Drink more water

Kaitie and her Healthy Mommy water bottle

Water is essential to losing weight and riding your body of toxins. But drinking it can be tricky. Carrying around a water bottle with you is a good way to get in your daily intake. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app helps you keep track of your water intake choosing a favorite water bottle is a convenient way to keep hydrated and eliminate food cravings no matter where you are.

5. Cut out (or limit) soft drinks.

Swapping to mineral water or even soda water can make a massive difference.

As Kacie tells us, I’ve gone from having 1-2 cokes a day to 1-2 cokes a week. I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it has made.”

6. Change your bedtime routine

Emily noticed a big difference in her energy levels almost right away when she started going to bed a bit earlier.

“It means I wake having had a good sleep, I have more energy, and am less likely to overeat,” Emily explains. Setting a regular bedtime and wake up time allows your body to heal and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

7. Track your day

Abbey is one of the many moms who uses a diary to track her meals, her exercise and her sleep habits.

“I find it helps if I write down what I eat/exercise etc as it keeps me accountable and I have to see it the following day! It gives me the kick up the butt I need.” Abbey tells us. 

Abbey credits her weight loss to adequate planning and tracking

8. Start the day with a smoothie

It’s so important to eat breakfast but many of us simply don’t. Some of our moms admit that swapping out bread for a morning smoothie was an easy switch that has had an impact.

Linda says, Instead of skipping breakfast kick-starting the day with a smoothie.” 

9. Flex, squat and walk whenever you can

Even adding 10 squats in while you wait for your tea to steep, flexing your abs while vacuuming and walking the ten minutes to the shops can help.

10. Get standing

For Teagan, the trick to getting her exercise up was to make excuses to stand.

The motto, ‘Sit less, stand more’ has paid off for Teagan

“I’ve stopped sitting to watch TV during the day and will now stand,” she tells us. “This makes you move more than you realize.”

11. Eat less, more often

Swapping to six smaller meals a day has been the key for many of our moms who admit that they stay fuller for longer and feel more energized throughout the day.

12. Change your mindset.

Rather than focusing on the negatives, focus on the positives. Ness admits that she has “stopped food “good” and “bad”. This has improved my respect for food immensely, and stopped me from feeling guilty if I indulge now and then.”

As the inspirational Chel (above) reminds us all, “It’s the small things, but such awesome motivation if you can plan a reward when you reach your goals, no matter how big or small they may be!”

A massive thanks to all the ladies who shared their small changes. We hope these hints inspire you, motivate you and remind you that the little things really do matter.

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Naomi says:

“Two years and three months difference between these pictures (and a second pregnancy).  Just under 77 lbs* difference! I can’t believe how much healthier and happier I am now. Thank you The Healthy Mommy for giving me the confidence to be the fitter and healthier Naomi I’ve always wanted to be!”

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*Images and references to pounds lost are as supplied by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mommy assumes information and photographs supplied to be true in nature and is not responsible for any false misrepresentations or claims relating to their programs or products.

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