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4 MUST HAVE tips for keeping your family well this winter

During the colder months, it is difficult to avoid the odd cold or cough that tends to travel around.

Of course a healthy eating plan is important to keep you well during this period, but below we have added some other points that will help you and your family avoid the sniffles and keep well this winter.

4 top tips for keeping your family well this winter

1. Eat a balanced diet

Incorporate your five veggies and two fruits. Vitamin C and zinc amongst many other micronutrients are important in keeping your immunity at its optimum.

Not only is it beneficial for other reasons such as weight loss and digestive health, but fruit and vegetables are crucial to keeping your body well.

2.Wash your hands

It is crucial that you wash your hands regularly. Besides somebody sneezing directly into your face, this is the first point of contact you have with viruses and bacteria. When you place your hands to your face, eyes or mouth, your chances of catching the said cold or flu, when your immunity is low, is high.

It is important to wash your hands not only before you eat but after changing nappies, after a trip to the bathroom, after wiping your nose and of course after wiping the children’s noses.

You can also use the anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizers, but note that these are designed to be used after you wash your hands. They do not remove dirt and material.

With young children at school or preschool, try to wash their hands as they get home to stop the spread of school-based sickness to the family.

3. Get enough sleep

Not only is this good for weight loss but sleep is crucial to keeping your immunity high by allowing your body to rest. Unfortunately as mothers, sleep is as precious as diamonds and nearly as rare!

Try and get rest in other ways by having some quiet time with the kids, swapping sleep-ins or rest ins with you partner, or ask someone to look after the kids for an hour so you can have a cat nap.

4. Keep up with your exercise

You do not have to do a 1.5 hour pump class or a two hour hot yoga session to get the benefits from exercise. Try taking the dog (even if you don’t have one) for a 15 minute walk each day. The fresh air, vitamin D and increased heart rate will all be beneficial to keep your body at its optimum immunity during winter.

No one ever regrets doing exercise, they only regret it when they don’t do it. So go on, get up and jump around! If you need some tips on exercise, have a look at the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

I hope you and your family find these simple tips helpful and that you are not all rugged up in bed sick.

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