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44 baby names inspired by the seasons and months

Want a name to reflect the time of year your baby is born? Then names inspired by the seasons and months are a great way to go.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed he and his wife Priscilla Chan have opted to name their little girl August – her birth month. How cute!

Check out these beautiful seasonal baby names for spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

11 spring inspired baby names

1. Aviv

This Hebrew name means ‘spring’.

2. April

This name isn’t used very often these days, but it’s a beautiful, fresh name for a spring inspired name.

3. Blossom

Everything is blooming in the spring and many of the trees have blossomed.

4. Bluebell

Geri Horner (previously Halliwell) named her daughter Bluebell. It’s a cute spring name or middle name.

5. Bradwell

Bradwell means ‘from the broad spring’.

6. Daisy

A cute floral name for a little girl.

7. Florence

This Latin name means ‘blooming’.

8. Laverna

This French name means ‘born in the spring’.

9. March

This name is another northern hemisphere spring name and also works as a cute middle name.

10. Mae

Mae or May is a northern hemisphere spring name that means ‘goddess of spring growth’.

11. Weldon

This English name means ‘hill near a spring’.

autumn baby

11 autumn inspired baby names

1. Amber

An English girl’s name that indicates the orange-yellow gemstone.

2. Aurelia

You may recognize this name from Love Actually, but this Latin name means “golden.”

3. Ash

Hebrew boy’s name meaning “happy” but also refers to the autumn ash tree.

4. Bruno

Italian boy’s name meaning “brown.” Use the female version, Bruna, if you have a baby girl.

5. Forrest

Latin boy’s name meaning “of the woods.”

6. Hazel

Follow Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s lead and name your daughter Hazel, a beautiful autumnal color.

7. Jora

Hebrew girl’s name meaning “autumn rain.” We also like Jorah for a boy like the Game of Thrones character!

8. Orla

Irish girl’s name meaning “golden princess.”

9. Radley

English boy’s name meaning “from or near the red meadow.”

10. Sorrel

French unisex name meaning “reddish brown.”

11. Aiden

Gaelic boy’s name meaning “fire” or “fiery.”

winter baby

11 winter inspired baby names

1. Aspen

A unisex name that is named after the Aspen tree (or the ski resort!).

2. Aquilo

Greek boy’s name meaning “north wind.”

3. Bianca

Italian girl’s name meaning “white.”

4. Crispin

Though this Latin boy’s name means “curly haired,” it just makes you think of a crisp, cold winter’s day!

5. Holly

This name is taken from the name of the holly tree, which has glossy, sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of red berries, often used as Christmas decorations.

6. Jack

It’s a traditional English name meaning “God is gracious”, but it can be a subtle reference to Jack Frost.

7. Niamh

Irish girl’s name meaning “snow” that can also be anglicized with the spelling Neve.


This is a masculine French given name derived from noël, meaning Christmas.

9. Olwen

Celtic girl’s name from mythology meaning “white footprint.”

10. Robin

These birds are a common sight during winter. Use the girl option Robyn for your daughter.

11. Winter

Yes it may be obvious but it’s getting to be quite popular. In fact, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden chose this for daughter Harlow’s middle name.

summer baby

11 summer inspired baby names

1. Arun

A Hindi name that means ‘dawn, sun’.

2. Beckett

An English name that means ‘beehive’.

3. Dayton

A unisex English name which means ‘bright and sunny town’.

4. Calinda

A Hindi name meaning ‘sun’.

5. Cyrus

This lovely Persian boy’s name means ‘the sun’.

6. Genevieve

A beautiful girls name that means ‘white wave’ and makes us think of the surf on a hot summer’s day.

7. Idalia

This Greek name means ‘behold the sun’.

8. Kai

The Hawaiian meaning of this name means ‘sea’.

9. Kyra

Krya is an Egyptian name that means ‘sun’.

10. Ray

As in a ray of sunshine, this name makes us think of the warmth of the summer.

11. Summer

Stating the obvious. Summer is a beautiful and warm girl’s name.

Well, there you have it 44 baby names inspired by the seasons and months.

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