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6 top tips on how to get and STAY motivated!

So you’re committed to making a change to your lifestyle habits on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge but worried you’ve lost your drive.

You’re not as energized or motivated as you were, or maybe you’ve lost sight of what you want to achieve.

Here are 6 tips to help you get back on track.

6 top tips to get and stay motivated with your goals

1) Remember your ‘why’

Why did you start on your 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge journey? Why do you want to become the person you want?

The motivation we had at the start of the year seems so far off to where you find yourself now.

Write your answers down to these questions and put them next to your bed so it’s the last and first thing you see every day.

2) Have a plan

Losing motivation and interest can boil down to no plan of action. Being spontaneous when it comes to weight loss doesn’t always work, as we can be left feeling overwhelmed or lost without guidance.

Plan your meals for the week, prepare some frozen meals in times of exhaustion or stress so you have an option that won’t derail your diet. Map out your exercise routine for the week and mark it off when you’re done.

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge does all this and more for you, with so many recipes you can then turn into your own customizable meal plan and daily indoor or outdoor exercise routines, meditation and unparalleled support to help you achieve your goals.

3) Habits and discipline

When you are feeling unmotivated or life gets stressful the last thing you want to do is exercise or eat healthily. Everyone has been there, so we get it.

What sorts the people who stay on track from those who don’t sometimes comes down to habits. Research shows it takes on average 66 days to form a habit.

Set up a calendar and cross off each day as you go and be mindful of your temptations and triggers so you can control and/or avoid them. Then you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come which can spur you on to creating habitual exercise. 

4) Make yourself accountable

Use a personal trainer or exercise group to hold you accountable to your goals and commitment to exercise.

We’re typically more motivated to hold ourselves accountable when we pay for it so get a gym membership – if that’s too expensive, sign up for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

It includes an app that is downloaded onto your phone so you can track your progress anywhere, anytime and share it with other mums in one of our supportive Facebook group.

5) Track your progress

Progress takes time, unfortunately, there is no way around this.

Think back to your best self, do you have a photo from back then? Stick it up in your bedroom, on the fridge or where your treats are kept to remind you of who you want to be again.

Take monthly photos of yourself and compare them. When you see the progress you’ve made, this is bound to spur you on to achieve your goals.

Remember whether it’s 1 or 2lbs per week, it all adds up in the end!

Read Julia’s story here.


6) Include friends and family

You will need all the support you can get! Share your hopes and goals with your trusted loved ones, so that they can encourage and support you. You may find this also helps you with accountability.

The Healthy Mummy’s Facebook group is a non-judgmental, encouraging and supportive space for you to call on others who have been where you are, are going through it still or have come out the other side.

Are you ready to become a Healthy Mommy?

28 Day Challenge
Regain your body confidence with The Healthy Mommy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Our Challenge is designed by moms FOR MOMS – to help them reach their goal weight and tackle their health and fitness.

The Challenge is home to customizable meal plans, 24/7 social support and realistic exercises moms can do AT HOME.

To find out more on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge click here.

*Images and references to pounds lost are as supplied by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mommy assumes information and photographs supplied to be true in nature and is not responsible for any false misrepresentations or claims relating to their programs or products.

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