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7 awkward post-birth problems no-one talks about

Much like how few people warn you about the ‘ring of fire’ you are confronted with during childbirth, few moms openly talk about awkward post-birth problems they suffer from.

Apparently, we’re too busy enjoying the glow of motherhood and smell of our newborns to worry about the little problems we have following labor.

But worry we do, and we have all wondered whether certain things post-birth are normal or if we’re the only one battling it.

7 post-birth problems most moms face:


1. Contraction pains after birth – what the?

Talk about being duped, many moms are gutted to find they still have some contraction pains post-birth; some are as bad as labor pains! Breastfeeding is usually the worst time as this process helps the uterus to contract. A nice warm heat pack on your abdomen might help or try a soak in the tub, or a hot shower.

2. My pelvic floor appears to be MIA

Giving birth vaginally or via c-section gives your pelvic floor a battering. The ligaments and muscles down there will be feeling sorry for themselves for a while. The whole area may be numb with little sensation, this is normal and it can take weeks for the pelvic floor to recover.

Tip: Resume your pelvic floor exercises immediately, it might feel like you’re not making progress but you will be!

3. My leg veins have gone crazy

Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on your legs, especially if you already have varicose or spider veins. After birth, they might feel more painful than usual so try some of those ‘sexy’ compression stockings, especially if you’ve had a c-section. Otherwise, put your feet up, don’t cross your legs and try not to stand for long periods.

4. Nervousness about toilet time

Never in your life will you be so hung up on passing a bowel motion (well, until you start toilet training your little one). It is so tender down there the thought of going to the bathroom gives you the sweats. The best thing to do in this instance is not force anything, just drink lots of water, have some fibre powder and hope for the best.

5. The gift that keeps on giving

After labor, many women continue to bleed for up to six weeks. Childbirth is the gift that keeps on giving. Stock up on sanitary supplies and usually the bigger and softer pads are most comfortable for those who have stitches down there, OUCH!

Hint: Use a mild soap or body wash post-birth and you might find you might have to be more gentle when drying yourself.

6. Jelly belly

Your hard baby bump is now replaced by a wobbly belly that is so pliable you wonder if it will ever firm up! Don’t get too hung up on the rolls, remember it took months to get that big so it will take months to get rid of it.

Hint: Can’t wait to have a flat belly? Invest in some great shapewear and fake it.

7. Just the thought of sexy time makes me cringe

Some women are keen to get back on that horse while others are worried they are not fully healed and don’t want to risk getting back in the sack. While few new moms talk about it ALL of them are probably thinking about when is the right time to resume relations. This is an individual choice and is completely YOUR decision.

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