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7 benefits of exercising outside in the winter

Do you find it hard to exercise during the colder months? The temptation to stay inside and watch Netflix can prove difficult when it’s icy and windy outside.

But if you can find the discipline to get out there and exercise you can actually burn MORE calories.

7 benefits of exercising outside in the winter

According to experts, there are plenty of benefits to exercising in winter and the extra effort will definitely pay off in the long run.

1.You burn more calories

Probably the best of the benefits, exercising in cold weather can mean your effort is twice as effective.

According to The Healthy Mommy Trainer Wendy Smith this happens because your body is working harder, your metabolism speeds up and your body burns more fat to produce energy for your workout. “Working out in cold weather may seem like a hard task but your body will thank you for it. Trust me!”

2.It improves your endurance

Challenging yourself in cold weather also has endurance benefits. According to Wendy working out in cold weather strengthens heart, lungs and circulatory system. “From my experience training people, improving these will improve your overall health,” says Wendy.

3.It improves your serotonin levels

We can feel our mood changes in winter as the lack of sunlight means less Vitamin D, our serotonin levels may drop and we can crave comfort food in an effort to compensate. “By taking yourself outside to exercise, you’re more likely to improve your Vitamin D levels and in turn improve your mood long term,” adds Wendy.

4.You can enjoy those comfort foods

When you think of winter, you think hearty stews, creamy lasagnes and rich curries which can all play havoc on your waistline. “Get out and exercise and you can ensure you’re burning off all that rich heavy food,” says Wendy.


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5.You’ll feel extra energized

Cold weather exercise has the ability to make you feel more energized than usual. “As the body works harder to keep you warm, more endorphins are released leaving you feeling more energized and lighter for yourself and your family,” she adds.

6.You can increase intensity easily

Often when you go for a run, swim or cycle in spring or summer, increasing intensity can prove difficult as the humidity can place stress on the body. “In colder weather, you can be motivated to stay warm and thus you are able to increase intensity much easier as your body is under less stress from ambient temperature,” says Wendy. Cold weather exercise is the perfect opportunity to challenge your body and improve your fitness.

7.It improves your immune system

Contrary to popular belief, being in the cold does not give you a cold. It’s the virus that gives you the illness and being cooped up in a heated room actually exposes you to more viruses than being outdoors. “Get yourself outside and chances are you’ll stay healthier and hopefully avoid catching a virus,” says Wendy.

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