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Avoid these 10 foods to lose stomach fat

You may be wanting to focus on getting back to a more healthier ‘you’.

If one of your goals is to target your midsection than you’re certainly not alone! Many moms (and dads) are feeling the same due to the most commonly consumed foods.

Ready to blast away the bloat? Remove the muffin top? Lose the love handles? In order to do this, you may want to check out the list of commonly consumed foods that could be doing you more harm than good.

Foods to avoid or limit to lose stomach fat

1. Dairy products

Lactose intolerance can range from mild to severe, but either way gas is usually a symptom. If you are feeling bloated, try limiting the amount of milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream you eat and see if that helps.

If it does, you don’t have to ditch dairy altogether. Drink lactose-free milk or take Lactaid pills to help your body digest milk products.

2. Potato chips

One of your favorite snacks may be contributing to your belly fat. Most potato chip brands are cooked in hydrogenated oils. This type of oil is called a trans-fat.

Trans-fat is known to increase cholesterol, contribute to heart disease and increase weight. There are baked and low-fat potato chips on the market that are better choices.

3. Soda

Soda is not only unhealthy for you, but it also increases belly fat. It has empty calories that add excess weight and also provides large amounts of sugars. Your body has a hard time burning this sugar off, especially in the mid-section.

You may think that diet soft drinks are better, but they also contain artificial sweeteners that contribute to bad health. It’s best to drink pure water to lose your belly fat.

4. Processed baked goods

So convenient, so tasty (if we’re being honest here), but so not worth it. Those pre-packaged muffins, donuts, and dessert cakes will add loads of unwanted sugar to your diet, plus they aren’t easy to digest.

These foods are not part of a healthy meal plan because they are filled with sugar and preservatives for a longer shelf-life — they can literally sit there forever! Sugar increases inflammation, which can also make you look puffy and bloated.

5. Margarine

Choose regular butter or soft spread (make sure it’s real butter) over margarine when topping foods or baking. Margarine is usually loaded with trans-fats and is found in plenty of pastries, crackers, snack foods, and even microwave popcorn, so limit intake to keep cholesterol levels in check.

6. Fried foods

Deep fried chicken and French fries taste good, but they will not do your stomach any favors. Fast food is usually greasy and has very little vitamins and minerals or fiber.

Instead, it is loaded with sodium and trans-fat which manifests itself in your stomach. If you must have fast food, choose healthier fast food options such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, lean grilled meats, and pile your plate with extra vegetables.

7. White flour and rice

Try to cut back on the white carbs if you are truly determined to see your belly vanish. Trade your white bread, flour, rice, and pasta for whole grain products such as brown bread and rice.

White carbs have already been processed and are therefore digested rapidly by the body to be stored as fat. That’s why on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge you’ll see we generally recommend whole wheat bread, brown rice, and so on.

8. Cereals

Not all cereals are bad for you, but often people double the serving size which means more is eaten than recommended. So if you find that your pants are getting a bit snug in the mornings, you might want to try weighing your cereal with a measuring cup before you start to gulp it down.

Also, choose a nut milk like almond milk and avoid the temptation to add sugar. You can always try some of the delicious cereal breakfast options on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge such as the Chocolate Oat Granola.

9. Refined sweeteners and sugar

Refined sugar helps to raise the insulin level in the body which promotes the storage of fat. It also affects the immune system and makes it harder to fight off germs and diseases.

10. Cut down on alcohol

Booze gets your body bloating. Alcohol can throw the body’s balance of water off and lead to water retention and excessive stomach gas.

It is important to understand that alcohol-water retention, especially if combined with high salt meals, can lead to swelling and discomfort if the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream becomes too high.

If you want to get serious about losing belly fat, join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge where all recipes and food plans are chosen to help reduce belly fat too.

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