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Mom of 5 shares awesome hack to get kids to try new foods!

Healthy Mommy Hannah knows a thing or two about feeding children! With five kids aged between 8 and 2-year-old twins, she has come up with a great way of encouraging her children to try new foods and still have some control over what they eat.

“The kids love it, and are definitely getting more and more adventurous with what they’ll try”.

Hannah Pech has been an avid Healthy Mommy since joining the program and losing 83 pounds in 18 months. She believes all she has learned from The Healthy Mommy about healthy food choices have had a hugely positive impact on how she now feeds her children.


Pre Healthy Mommy I would have gone years without buying certain fresh produce, like salads and capsicums. Now they are always in my fridge so it just makes sense that’s what my kids also eat.”

A couple of times a week, Hannah serves her kids a ‘Platter Dinner’ with a big selection of different fruit, veggies, protein and snacks and allows them to choose what they put on their own plates. The rules are that they must try at least one thing from every section, even if it is a new food they haven’t tried before.

They are well aware of the rules, and they’re really good at following them. Whilst I do monitor what they’re eating, they all have a go at everything on there.”


Hannah says, “I find it encourages them to try new foods, be independent and get to recognize how much they need to eat. They love it, and sometimes get excited about actually choosing a new food they want to try”.

Obviously, each of Hannah’s children has their likes and dislikes, but Hannah believes offering them a wide variety of healthy options and choice really encourages them to have a healthy relationship with food as they have some control of what they eat and how much.

“I mix it up depending on what I’ve got in the fridge. I vary the protein, sometimes it’s eggs or different meats but there’s always a good mix. My two-year-olds obviously prefer finger food, but I usually include a variety so they can see the older children using cutlery too and they can practise.


It’s not just the kids that love Platter Dinners either, Hannah says being able to prepare everything earlier and having it ready to go takes a huge stress out of dinner times. She often involves the kids in chopping and preparing everything for the platter.

If they don’t finish the platter completely, it’s not unusual for Hannah to bring it back out after the kid’s baths where they might have another snack from it.

“Or my husband has been known to come home from work and finish it off entirely! “


Hannah recently posted her Platter Dinner idea in The Healthy Mommy community Facebook group and was overwhelmed by the response.

“I was so pleased that it resonated with so many in the group. We all know the struggle of feeding fussy kids, but knowing what I do now about food, thanks to my own experience with The Healthy Mommy, has made it so much easier. I really want them to have a good relationship with food, and I’m so happy I can now lead by example”.


Well done Hannah! We think it’s a fantastic idea that’s inspired plenty of our mums in the community to give it a go!

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