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Become a Fitness STAR & Get $10,000

At The Healthy Mommy we are focused on EMPOWERING moms to live a healthier life (you can read about how we started here and got to be the biggest moms only program in the world).

We do this through food, fitness and SUPPORT and millions of moms use our programs every day around the world and we have now launched into the US

And right now we are looking for a NEW FITNESS MOM to join our team

This is an AMAZING opportunity if you are a super fit mom and trainer and are passionate about helping moms get STRONGER and FITTER and want to do this across our global platform and our Healthy Mommy 28 Day Challenge app.

You can also see the style of fitness videos we currently do below (we have over 350 full length workouts in our app)

What are we looking for
  • An American mom who is passionate about fitness
  • Someone who is a qualified and experienced personal trainer who wants to be part of The Healthy Mommy team
  • Someone who is confident in front of the camera and can perform and instruct workout videos
  • Someone who is STRONG and FIT and can help other moms reach these goals
  • Someone who has HIGH energy
  • Someone who shares our values of helping moms get fit, healthy and strong in a safe and healthy way
What will be involved?
  • You will work with us to create 28 Day Exercise Program and videos that will run across our global app platform used by 100,000’s and 100,000’s of moms all over the world
  • You will film the workout videos in a location convenient to you and we will arrange all shoot details
  • We will promote you and your work across our social media platforms and websites with over 1.5 million moms
  • We will pay you an upfront cost of $10,000 for the initial 28 day program and videos with the option of doing LOTS more with us too including being a fitness ambassador in the US for The Healthy Mommy

We can’t wait to hear from you and you can fill out your details below if you would like to be considered.

Our team will be in touch in the next few days with next steps in this process (a call/skype) if you are selected

Be part of our friendly and supportive community

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