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Shave off that belly fat with this belly shred workout

We constantly hear from our Healthy Mommy Community that one of the biggest problem areas they have when it comes to losing weight is their belly. Which is why we have so many belly blasting workouts in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, but this one we are giving to you here!

Have some fun with this fast and easy belly shred workout!

Shred the belly fat workout

Sit ups


Knees bent, feet flat on the floor and lower back braced towards the floor.

Start off with your fingers by your temples, and as you crunch up, reach passed your knees to assist in pulling your upper body upright.


Core, core and more core. Pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and a less rectus abdominis

Benefits of sit ups

A great exercise to belly fat shred, create a 6 pack for advanced fitness levels, isolates the abdominal muscles.

Expected results

Stronger abdominals

8 x crunches


On your back with knees bent and feet close to your sit bones (butt), lower back towards the floor, shoulder blades drawn back and down, lengthen the back of your neck, chin tucked under with an imaginary peach under it.

Chest lifts up, drawing your ribs toward your hips, looking between your knees as you reach up along your thighs, towards your knees. Always relax your head, neck and shoulders and breath out as you come up into the crunch exercise.

Muscles targeted

Core, core and more core. Pelvic floor, transverse abdominis and a less rectus abdominis.

Benefits of crunches

A great exercise to belly fat shred, create a 6 pack for advanced fitness levels, isolates the abdominal muscles.

Expected results

Flatter tummy

10 x bicycle legs


On your back, bring your knees up into the air at 90 degrees and extend alternate legs out to a 45degree angle from the ground. Place your hands under your tail bone to tilt your pelvic bone up towards the sky. Try to engage your abdominals more and close the gap between your hips to your rib bones. Go slow and hold out for a breath before bringing the leg back in.

Muscles targeted

Abdominal muscles and deep inner core muscles in the torso area

Benefits of bicycle legs

A fun bicycle feeling that is so easy to do and doesn’t even feel like you are exercising. This can be done even in bed (if firm), on the sofa, in any room or outside on any towel.

Expected results

Better belly

8 x Russian twists


This movement is completed in a seated position. Hands interlaced in front of heart or ‘I dream of jeanie’ arms crossed but elbows up high. Hinge your upper torso back towards the ground slightly (like you are lying on a deck chair in Fiji at a 45degree angle if possible).

Rotate spine only from the belly button up. Try not to move your legs at all. If you feel anything in your lower back do not lean back as far. This movement gets easier as your core gets stronger.

Be very careful of your back. This exercise can be carried out with knees bent more and heels closer to your body and you don’t have to lean back too far to still rep all the benefits.

Muscles targeted

All your core muscles but focusing on your obliques that criss cross over your tummy and pull your waist in tighter.

Benefits of Russian twists

Rotations of the spine is so good for spinal health.

Expected Results

This looks after your back for your future self. Pulls in your waist a notch so you can tighten your belt or pants that you wear. Yiipppeeeee!!!

8 x toe touches


Lie on back and lift legs straight up like a candle stick towards the sky. Ankles flexed so you can enjoy your hamstring leg stretch too. Hips 90 degrees. Abdominal crunch up towards your legs and reach alternate hands up to touch your toes.

Use the alternate hand to support your head and neck. Keep your chin tucked in and eye gaze up without tilting your head back. Keep the Capital C shape curve in your back. Try to reach up. Do 4 slow and as high as you can and then 4 faster if possible.

Always try to support your head to not activate your neck.

Muscles targeted

All deep core stabilising muscles

Benefits of toe touches

Narrows your waist, flattens your tummy and is a fun exercise. Best exercise if you only have 2 minutes to train your abdominal muscles

Expected results

Tummy focused, belly blaster exercise, you will feel it even after a few repetitions.

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Now shave off that belly fat with this belly shred workout and don’t forget share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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