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Biggest impact of weight loss is IMPROVED MENTAL HEALTH, says these moms

Hundreds of moms around the globe join The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge each week with the primary goal of losing weight. And that, they do.

However, it is not until they start losing weight that they realise the HUGE positive impact their new Healthy Mommy lifestyle is having on their MENTAL HEALTH.

From overcoming anxiety and depression to gaining self love and body confidence.The impact is immeasurable and outweighs any number on a scale.

The Healthy Mommy is about empowering moms of all shapes and sizes to live their happiest and healthiest lives. And that means both physically and mentally.


In addition to our nutritious meal and exercise plans which can be accessed through our 28 Day Challenge App, we have an incredible online community of moms who support each other every step of the way.

These 3 AMAZING Healthy Mommy moms have lost 75 lbs combined and look FABULOUS. But it is the impact that The Healthy Mommy lifestyle has had on their mental health that is filling these moms with joy.

Here is what they have to say.

“I feel more confident, happier, fitter and healthier”


Jenny Swift – 15 lbs weight loss

“Before I started The Healthy Mommy I was a bit lost with what to do with getting fit and healthy. I’m rubbish at dieting and to be honest I didn’t eat too badly. I just snacked a lot and on the wrong things! And I dabbled in exercise but never had the motivation to maintain my interest.

Along came The Healthy Mommy with a lifestyle change which made exercise possible most days and that fits around family life. And lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks enabling me to keep eating the things I love, like chocolate.

I’ve lost around 15 lbs since starting with The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and many inches round my waist and hips.

I’m so proud of the difference physically but in even prouder of the difference in me mentally!

I feel more confident, happier, fitter and healthier and I love my balance of doing things I enjoy, while keeping fit.”

“Improvement in my mental health is the biggest change I have experienced”


Mercy Winters – 28 lbs weight loss

“I have been a member of The Healthy Mommy for a year now, and it has totally become a way of life. Not just for me, but for my family too.

I’ve lost 28 lbs following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

I think more than the weight loss, the confidence and the improvement in my mental health is the biggest change I’ve experienced.

I’ve got energy, I don’t rely on chocolate and fizzy drinks to get me through the day. And I am less bloated.

The Healthy Mommy truly is a game changer. And it’s totally sustainable too. Thank you Healthy Mommy!”

“I’m able to better control my anxiety”


Natalie Cowie – 32 lbs weight loss

“I joined The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge 16 months ago, just over 2 months after having my 5th baby.

After having Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy I was piling on weight. I was breastfeeding and needed to find a plan which wouldn’t affect this. The Healthy Mommy was THE ONE!

Since then (in 15 months) I’ve lost over 32 lbs. I’ve had ups and downs on my journey and my weight has fluctuated, but on the whole, it’s been a steady, sustainable loss.

I’ve also gained a love of my body, self-confidence and I’m able to better control my anxiety!

In my opinion my non scale victories far outweigh my victory on the scales!

Thanks Healthy Mommy for giving me back ‘me’”.

The Healthy Mommy team would like to thank these INCREDIBLE moms for sharing their experience with us. We love that they are feeling fantastic both physically and mentally.

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