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Boost your metabolism by adding these 4 things into your smoothie

Boosting your metabolism can be done in many ways. If you drink smoothies regularly, try adding in some of these foods as a way to increase your metabolism even further.

4 Metabolism-Boosting Super Foods For Your Smoothie

1. Calcium

It has been suggested that calcium metabolises fat more efficiently. So aim to include calcium rich foods and drinks within your smoothie

If you use cow’s milk, then you will be increasing your calcium intake. If you choose to include plant based milks, aim to choose one which has 100mg of calcium per 3oz to benefit from this fat metabolising mineral. You could also add in a good quality yogurt too.

2. Iron

Iron is important in many metabolic functions and if your body is low in iron, your metabolism will be slowed.

Just add some super green powder or green veggies like spinach to your next smoothie to give it that iron boost!

3. Green tea


green tea to help cellulite

Green tea contains a plant compound called EGCG which is thought to promote fat burning. Matcha green tea has become a popular cold and warm drink in the last few years.

Try brewing a green tea, allowing it to cool and then mixing it in with your smoothie along with a few pieces of fruit.

4. Wholegrains


Wholegrains and high fibre foods take longer to break down and it has been suggested that eating whole foods as opposed to refined foods can significantly increase thermogenesis in the body and even burn 50 per cent more calories compared to when you consume refined foods.

Wholefoods such as wholegrains, rolled oats, chia seeds and LSA (linseed, almond meal and sunflower seed meal) are easy options to add to a smoothie and increase your fibre and wholegrain and seed intake.

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