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Children who BREAK THE RULES are more likely to end up RICH, study finds

Parents of rule breaking kids, you don’t need to fret about how your little rebel will turn out.

Your child’s ability to resist authority may actually help them become rich and successful later on in life!

Kids who break the rules and resist authority are more likely to be successful

A study, published in the journal Developmental Psychology, looked at the behavioral traits filled in by teachers on report cards of children who attended schools in Luxembourg in the 1960s.

Researchers from the universities of Luxembourg and Illinois, the Berlin-Brandenburg Institute and the Leibniz Institute in Germany then looked at the income of these same school children when they were adults.

Experts found that kids who weren’t delinquents but talked back, resisted authority, were headstrong and often broke the rules as kids, were more likely to earn more than their well-behaved peers.

“Personality-related characteristics and student behavior measured early in life are important predictors of life outcomes in midlife,” say researchers in the study notes.

“Rule breaking and defiance of parental authority was the best non-cognitive predictor of higher income after accounting for IQ, parental socio-economic status and educational attainment.”

The reason for this?

“One explanation … was that such individuals value competition more than their peers,” the researchers wrote.

Children with these head strong qualities may have “higher levels of willingness to stand up for their own interests and aims”, for example, negotiating salaries.

“We also cannot rule out that individuals who are likely or willing to break rules get higher pay for unethical reasons,” add the study authors.

“Research in the field of organisational psychology showed that employees invest in unethical or deviant workplace behavior when they are not satisfied with their income and they have a high level of love of money.”

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