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Mom shows us her 7 ENERGIZING and calorie BURNING exercises!

Want to feel more energized?!!! Healthy Mom Sascha shows us how to burn cals with these 7 awesome STEP exercises. Invest in a STEP and do this at home!!


One of the toughest battles we moms face is often feeling exhausted!  It’s easy to feel like we just don’t have the time or the energy to exercise. But, the reality is, exercise can BOOST energy levels and leave you feeling ready to take on the day!

It’s so worth finding the time to do a super quick and efficient work out which will leave you feeling energized and pumped! Plus it will BURN up calories!

Moms in our community are loving this awesome STEP WORKOUT. The beauty of this workout is you don’t need much equipment or time and you can be creative with it!

You could choose to do 1 minute on each exercise and be done with it!! Or you can push yourself further and turn it into a circuit where you do each exercise for 15-20 reps and do 3 sets, whatever your goals this workout is for YOU!

Sascha’s Step Workout

Things to remember!

  1. Engage your core
  2. Execute proper technique – it’s better to do less reps the right way!
  3. Always check with your health care professional if you have injuries
  4. Have fun!


HOT TIP for every exercise – Always warm up before and stretch after

Jog up Jog down

Engage your core, go as fast as you can, use your arms!!

Jump squats wide to narrow

Push your knees out, land softy, stabilize your core as this protects your back!!

Knee repeaters

On the standing leg get as low as you can for a deeper burn! Remember, keep the majority of body weight in the standing/supporting leg to keep the tension in your glutes. 

Jump burpees

Land softly and jump as high as you can! Switch on your core to protect your spine.

Reverse lunges

Stabilize your balance and core first, keep your legs a 90 degrees. Keep your back heel up, focusing on dropping your back knee straight down.

Bunny Hop

Put your hands under your shoulders. Make sure your shoulder blades are pushing back and down away from your ears to avoid tension through your upper body!

Squat Jump

Push through your heels! Maintain alignment from your knees to your toes. Remember to bend your knees, definitely not your back!

Now go get stepping and share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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