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Don’t fear Christmas this year! How to use family gatherings to aid your weight loss motivation

Christmas is stressful enough but family gatherings can strike fear in many of us who are on track to achieving our weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle plans.

It doesn’t need to be this way, however, here’s how to turn these upcoming gatherings into a fun and healthy experience for all.

How to keep your weight loss motivation over Christmas with the help of family

Involve everyone


Instead of asking people to bring a plate of food, ask people to plan a simple meal, arrive at your place with their ingredients and cook together! Why not try these Chili Chicken Drumsticks from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

It makes everyone aware of what they are putting in their dishes so that you know which meals to avoid and which to eat.

Involving the kids in this process also shows them exactly what is being put on their plate, which will make them more likely to eat it.

Forming connections


Involving everyone in the process of creating meals, will help give you all a sense of togetherness and connection, which is essentially what Christmas is about!

When we are feeling comfortable and positive, we are less likely to eat out of boredom and indulge or emotionally eat due to the stress of having to cook for multiple families.

Hold yourself accountable

Pecan Nut Fudge

The family will most likely give you an unfiltered version of the facts, without sugar-coating them. Sometimes this can cause friction during the holiday period.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing and can be useful in holding you accountable in making healthier choices this Christmas.

In the lead up to Christmas let your family know what you want to avoid and what you will treat yourself to. Ask them to help you track your consumption and let you know when you’re reaching your limits.

If you can see yourself feeling attacked for your indulgence and getting defensive, agree on a code word that will trigger a warning to you that you may be going a bit far.

It could be your favorite snacking food (like this Pecan Nut Fudge) or drink that you used to consume at your heaviest or your goal weight or dress size.

Choose a code word that holds gravity within you and reminds you of who you used to be and the ‘you’ you are working towards.

If you don’t want any input from family because you anticipate it being too invasive, try to create a food chart placed in a public space like on the fridge or near the table. A gold star for healthy choices and a red cross or sad emoji for unhealthy choices.

You are a positive role model

You’ve come this far and made some real changes in your lifestyle. You may have noticed or it may not be obvious to you but your children are watching!

Believe it or not, it’s guaranteed they’ve noticed the happier, healthier you!

This Christmas, use the fact that you are setting a better example for your children to make healthier choices in their life as a reason to eat healthier this year.

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