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This workout takes 2.5 minutes and BURNS calories!!!

Is it possible to do a whole body workout in only 2.5 minutes? YES IT IS!

Which means between cooking, cleaning, washing, sorting, driving, kid pickups, kid drop offs, nappy changes, work, kids sport, hair-cuts, socials, family events etc, you can still fit in a little 2.5 minutes to focus on you for a change. The impossible is now POSSIBLE!!!

Create the additional time for your snappy workout.

Full body workout in just 2.5 minutes!

Make sure to balance out your workout with strength training and cardio.

We have approximately 620 muscles that can be worked over these 5 simple exercises.

Squats: abs, butt and thighs

Feet are hip width apart or wide if you wish to work your inner thighs more. Toes and knees slightly turned out. Tuck the tail bone slightly under and activate your core muscles. Keep your back in a neutral position up right. To challenge yourself, reach above your head and circle your arms every repetition.

Jumping Jacks: cardio

Star jumps with bend knees, land gently and carefully each time, only jump slightly off the ground to prevent injuries. Deep breathing. Faster but smaller movements.

Push Ups: chest, back, shoulders and arms

In a high plank position, maintain a train track alignment from your heels to your knees to your hips, to your shoulders to your hands. Check your hands a slightly wider than your shoulders or about your mat distance apart to execute the move safely.

Options are to do push ups on your knees or toes to make it more challenging. Brace your core and slightly tuck your tailbone under to protect your lower spine. Ensure your shoulders are down and back away from your ears. Add a row on each side to activate your back muscles

Bicycle legs: abs and obliques

What is a full body workout without your abs training? This is fabulous for your upper, lower and side abdominal muscles that pull your waist in. Rotate your shoulder to your knee and keep both shoulders and elbows off the ground. Lift your chest to your knees with your chin tucked down on an imaginary peach.

High Knees: cardio

This is great because you can do a fast march if high knees isn’t right for you or to make it more challenging just add your arms and go faster as if you are sprinting with your knees high. Check that the surface is level and grass or carpet to reduce impact on your joints. Use your arms in a running movement to increase the difficulty. Keep your core switched on when doing this exercise. Be careful not to lean forward.

5 exercises – 30 seconds each!

NOTE: Option to change one cardio move to a strength move or an upper body cardio move, you could change it to a four point kneeling with your opposite arm and leg hovering off the ground or a mountain climber.

Take just a few minutes and give your whole body a workout. Don’t forget to share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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