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Mom prepared a HEALTHY birthday party for her child and everyone LOVED it!

Throwing her 4 year old daughter a ‘healthy’ birthday party which included a DELICIOUS and ADORABLE cake was EASY for Mom Nikki Lea Eckley.

As a member of the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge she simply modified the Chocolate Berry Layer Cake Recipe available on the Challenge App to make her daughter’s dream ‘doggie’ birthday cake.

A firm believer in the benefits of healthy eating Nikki also served healthy alternatives to the usual candy, chips, sugary drinks and chocolate; replacing them with fresh fruit, popcorn and water. The end result was a huge SUCCESS.

No meltdowns, no craziness. Just one very happy daughter and friends.


Nikki Lea Eckley says “Today is my baby girl’s birthday…. although she’s not a baby anymore. She’s four!

A healthy birthday party without hindering the fun factor

Too often moms feel compelled to buy the usual junk food (candy, chips, store bought cakes) for their children’s birthday parties only to end up with a grumpy, over-tired birthday girl/boy crashing from a sugar high at the end of the day.

For mom Nikki who has seen first hand the benefits of having her own family eat well balance nutritious meals from the Healthy Mommy Challenge, she wanted to keep her daughters birthday party relatively healthy too.

Nikki says “In the past, kids birthdays meant buying loads of candy, chocolates and cookies (ending in lots of tired and emotional kids) but this time I was adamant to make this a healthier party as much as possible without hindering the fun factor”.


By the look on her daughter Sienna’s face we can confidently say that she was OVER the MOON with her cake.


Nikki says “For the cake I made the Healthy Mommy Berry Layer Cake from the 28 Day Challenge but decorated it with normal buttercream icing because she wanted a doggy cake (it was delicious by the way!). And I served popcorn and a large fruit platter”.


Get the FREE Chocolate Berry Layer Cake recipe


“It all went down well with the kids and parents alike and no one asked once for candy!” says Nikki.

“And there was dancing and party games and lots of fun and happy kids, which is all we can ask for”.


The Healthy Mommy team agree with Nikki.  A party full of lots of happy, healthy, smiling kids is the best kind of party.

Thank you Nikki for sharing your daughter’s party photos with us and proving that a HEALTHY party is a HAPPY one.

Nikki’s weight loss

Check out the AMAZING results Nikki has had with The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


Nikki says “On Friday we went out, a rare occurrence since having the kids and normally I’d struggle to get dressed, changing outfits multiple times because I’d feel uncomfortable in everything and just want to hide in loose clothes, but not anymore! Not since being a Healthy Mommy.

I felt confident and happy in this jumpsuit and not once did I worry about my tummy bulging out. 

I love the Healthy Mommy! I have learnt to love myself again, I have a wonderful healthy relationship with food and have been able to strengthen my body at home.

It’s not a fad diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s 100% sustainable and family friendly.”

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Ready to become a Healthy Mommy?

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