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HILARIOUS! Big brother greets sibling off the bus in a costume every day

Big brothers can be embarrassing, but not as much as this older sibling!

U.S.-based Noah Tingle wears a wacky outfit EVERY day to greet his younger brother Max off the school bus.

Check out some of his crazy costumes below…

Embarrassing big brother greets his younger sibling off bus in hilarious outfits

Every time Max hops off the school bus he knows his big bro Noah, 17, will be waiting for him… in a random costume!

It started off as a way for Noah to make his little brother smile, but now their photos and videos have gone viral. Their Facebook page has over 14,000 likes!

Max told NBC Nightly News that he has no idea what ‘surprising’ get-up Noah will be wearing on the day.

Noah has greeted Max dressed as Santa Claus, Chewbacca, Batman, Where’s Wally and a Minion, to name a few.

“Looking at a lot of the news today, there’s a lot of negative,” Noah told the outlet.

“To see something like this, something positive, people just love it.”

Noah, who heads off to college next year, says he felt it was important for him to bond with Max before he leaves home.

He added: “There’s only so much time that you get to be close with your siblings like this, so let’s make the most of it.”

Awww! Talk about #brogoals – we love it!

Thanks for giving us permission for sharing your story, Noah and Max.

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