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Meet your supportive Motivating Moms for February

Throughout this month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, these moms will be here to give you advice, guidance and some great motivation tips when you need it.

Meet your supportive Motivating Moms

Meet your latest MOTIVATING MOMS, we share a bit about each mom, and their top tips for keeping you focused and motivated throughout this month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. These moms are here to help you stay on track, stay motivated and kick your goals!

Sheridan has lost 30 lbs

Sheridan, 38, lives in Virginia with her husband, and two daughters aged 6 and 9.

Sheridan shares, “I have been following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since May 2018 and in that time I have lost just over 30lbs. I’m currently only 2.5lbs from my goal weight but I have been focussing on losing fat and gaining muscle with weight training.

“It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. I eat so much good nutritious food. The app has calorie and water tracking, thousands of recipes and hundreds of workouts, all at my fingertips!

“My goals for 2020 are to reach goal weight, decrease my body fat percentage, lift heavier, continue to get better at running, and do an unassisted pull up!”

Sheridan’s 3 tips for success:

  • Start out slow. Try a few snacks. Slowly start switching out your current family meals for Healthy Mommy alternatives
  • Meal prep if you can. It stops you from making bad choices because it’s already there waiting for you. I prep my snacks every week because snacks are my weakness.
  • Move your body, and think about your fitness goals. Write them down and stick them somewhere you will see them every day. I love using the app exercises to compliment weight training and running. Tabata and Power Yoga are my favs!

Sheridan’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipes:

“I have so many favorite Healthy Mommy snacks and meals, including the Choc Chip Banana Bread, the amazing 4 ingredient Christmas fruit cake , One-pot spaghetti bolognese and any Taco recipe!”

Jenny has dropped one dress size


Jenny, 39, is from Colorado and has three children aged 7, 5, and 4.

Jenny shares, “I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and hips, down a clothing size, and gained lean muscle. I’ve been doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for 8 months.

“I’m doing the challenge because I love the food and that it works for my family. I’m no longer having to cook separate meals. Also because it helps keep me motivated.

“My goal for 2020 is to continue eating healthy and work on gaining muscle to get stronger in my workouts.”

Jenny’s 3 tips for success:

  • Take it one step at a time. If it’s too much to change your entire meal plan at once, take it one meal at a time.
  • Give yourself some grace, things won’t be perfect.
  • Give yourself 10 mins and if you’re still not feeling the workout, go for a walk and do the workout the next day. Most times you’ll feel too good to quit.

Jenny’s motivation tips

  • Remember your reason why!
  • Join The Healthy Mommy Facebook group, there are so many amazing ladies supporting one another. (JOIN HERE)
  • Make visuals or goals to work towards.

Jenny’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipes:

Jenny says her favorite Healthy Mommy recipes are One pot spaghetti bolognese and 2 ingredient pizza dough. Her favorite snacks are the Cookie dough bliss balls and Chocolate coconut brownies.


Aimee, 41, is a full time working mom of two children from Michigan.

Aimee shares, “I’ve been with The Healthy Mommy since June 2019, so I have done 6x 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and going onto my 7th challenge. I have seen such great results with the challenges and have fun in the process with all the mommies on here.

“I have just broken a 2-month plateau where my weight stayed the same but my measurements got smaller. So please take pictures and measure ladies! The scale does not tell all.

“My 2020 goal is to lose 8 more pounds but I also am going to see what feels right for my body. I lose weight the same way I expect to maintain it. My workouts and eating habits I establish now are my lifestyle forever. So nothing impossible to maintain works for me.”

Aimee’s 3 tips for success:

  • Figure out a routine that works for you that you can stick with every week. Working out 3 times great! More than that is great. Make it realistic.
  • Keep breakfast and lunches the same all week. Keep it simple.
  • Drink your water.

Aimee’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipe:

“My favorite meal is Creamy mushroom bacon ravioli and my favorite snack is Double chocolate ice cream.”

Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Ravioli

Cindy has lost 30 lbs

Cindy, 37, has two children aged 7 and 4 and lives in Michigan USA.

Cindy shares, “I have been following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for about 6 years since my firstborn was 6 months old and I lost 55 pounds.

“I then had my second child and continued my Healthy Mommy journey losing another 55 pounds. I had managed to maintain my weight loss for a few years until I went through a stressful time (moving internationally) resulting in another restart in January this year. I have lost 30 pounds so far and I would like to lose another 5 pounds.

“My motivation this time round came from a wake-up call at the doctors when I was told I had high blood pressure, after 6 months and losing 22 pounds my blood pressure went back to normal.

“I am doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge because it motivates me to stick to a plan, I also want to teach my kids about healthy eating. I want to be fit and healthy and be proud to be in photos with my family.”

Cindy’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipe:

“My favorite Healthy Mommy meal is the Chili Pork Bowl and my favorite snack is the Florentines.”

Chili Pork Bowl Just 303 Calories

Cindy’s 3 tips for success:

  • Go through the meal plan and if you see anything that doesn’t work for you swap it to a recipe that excites you, you are more likely to stick to a meal plan that you are excited about. Remember you can always just adjust the protein or veg in a recipe to make it work for you.
  • Get your kids involved, having the family on board will help you feel supported and also stick to the plan. I have every family member help choose one meal for the week (if you’re just starting out think of things your kids already love and I’m sure there will be healthy mommy healthy version such as pizza, burgers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti). Have the kids help in the kitchen and they will be excited about the food too.
  • Exercise tips. With exercise, if you’re starting out just start with walking- walking is great physical exercise and also great for the mind. Then you can choose to increase your workouts as you get more active. I find the exercises in the healthy mommy app great if you don’t really know what you’re doing and if you’re not a fan of the gym.

Marcia has lost 15lbs

Marcia McTaggart, 34, is a mom of two boys aged 4 and 6 from Huntsville, AL.

Marcia shares, “I have lost 2 dress sizes, 15lbs, and a bra size. I still have about 10 more lbs to go. This is my 9th round doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. (I have not been able to do a couple full-on due to shoulder issues. I had surgery in December and am looking forward to getting back to full-on workouts VERY soon!! I’ve missed my workouts!!) I have, however, kept up with food for the most part, which is how I have managed to maintain my 15lb weight loss!

“I am doing these challenges because I need something for ME! I want to be healthy and show my kids that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean counting calories and gross food.

“My 2020 goal is a size 10 (I have size goals vs weight goals).”

Marcia’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipes:

Marcia’s favorite meal is the Chicken, bacon, spinach stir fry and her favorite snack are Cucumber stacks or apple with peanut butter.

Marcia’s 3 tips for success:

  • Drink your water
  • Listen to your body (if you hurt then stop/rest or if you are hungry, eat!
  • Use the app daily to keep track of everything from food to workouts to water intake!! Even if things need to change with food, it’s SUPER easy to change at the last minute!

Jennifer has lost 6 lbs

Jenn, 36, from Washington State, is a Mom of two daughters aged 5 and 3.

Jenn shares, “I’ve been following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since July 2019. I’ve lost about 6 lbs so far. A few inches off my waist, hips, and thighs.

“I’m doing the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to gain my confidence back, feel comfortable in my own skin, and to teach my daughters to be strong! I love that The Healthy Mommy is a full package. One of my biggest issues in the past has been meal planning, so it’s a big help!

“My goals for 2020 are to keep the momentum up, gain confidence, and to hit my goal weight.”

Jennifer’s 3 tips for success:

  • Start small. Try just switching snacks, and go from there.
  • If you can only meal prep one thing, do snacks! I find that if I have my Healthy Mommy snacks available, I do so much better!
  • Don’t let one bad day ruin the rest of the week!

Jennifer’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipes:



Moria Koker, 26, is a mom of a 3-year-old and two step-children aged 15 and 16 years old from Wisconsin.

Moria shares. “My results up to today, have included better eating and snacking habits. I reach for fruit, croutons, or celery when I’m munchy. I now meal plan for 2 weeks at a time so it’s not improving. Improving leads to junk food!!

“I’ve been on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since July 2019. Although the physical changes aren’t largely noticeable yet, I have more energy and feel a lot better about the way my family and I are eating.

“I’m doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for several reasons: energy, sound sleeping, keeping up with my 3 yr old, and teaching her healthy living and eating habits; that working out is fun and you are happier and have more energy eating and working out well. I want her to have a good self-image and motivation in life. Also, diabetes and heart trouble run in my family. Both are very serious and I want to do what I can to prevent them and be around for my daughter and family as long as possible.

“I definitely have seen great results from Healthy Mommy! I’m more confident and have more energy. My anxiety has gone down, and I sleep better. It’s easier to get up in the mornings. I’m less bloated too.”

“My goal for 2020 is to work on working out and staying active more regularly. I would also like to tone up my arms and stomach more, and possibly lose 30-50 pounds.

Moria’s motivation tips:

“When you feel like giving up, remember your ‘why’. Remember that we do this because we love our bodies, not because we hate them! Every day is a day to begin anew. Meditate on it, and revisit your goals. Take progress pictures!” 

Moria’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipe:

“My favorite meal from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app is definitely Fajitas!”

Heather has lost 16 lbs

Heather Krumbholz, is a mom of two girls aged 1 and 3 from Florida.

Heather shares, “I started Healthy Mommy in July 2019 and I have lost 16 pounds. I am doing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge because I enjoy having my clothes fit and being comfortable in my skin. Plus I love providing my family with nutritious and less processed food.

“My goal for 2020 is to maintain my weight and become stronger. My body fat has dropped to a healthy range.”

Heather’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipe:

My favorite food is the cauliflower nachos and my favorite snack is the spinach balls.

Heather’s tips for success:

  • Always carry your water bottle.
  • Track your food/calories
  • Prep snack ahead of time

Kate has lost 13lbs

Kate Grimmell, 36, is a mom of two boys aged 6 and 4, from Las Vegas, NV.

Kate shares, “Since joining The Healthy Mommy in May 2019, I’ve lost 13 lbs, 1 pants size, 8 inches and I’ve gained confidence, self-worth and a new understanding of how to properly fuel my body.

“I  joined The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge because I wanted to change my relationship with food. I’ve tried SO many diets in the past few decades and I’ve had some success, but nothing sustainable. The Healthy Mommy has shown me, in such a short amount of time, how to properly fuel my body. It has shown me that I don’t have to limit a food group from my meal plan, that I don’t have to give up chocolate or delicious snacks. That I don’t have to give up pasta or fruit. I don’t have to give up anything! Instead, I eat healthy versions of what I love.

“My reason why includes being healthy and happy with my two boys, husband, and dogs, but it’s also because I’m worth it.

“I lost a lot of who I was, suffering from PPD and PP Anxiety after the birth of both my children. Exercise was a HUGE element of returning back to myself and finding mental stability. In that, I’ve discovered how important it is for me to consistently exercise and make myself and my health a priority.

“I like to include my kids on long walks, bike rides, running around at the park, walking the dogs and even doing at-home workouts with the app in our living room. Love how I’ve rediscovered myself with the help of The Healthy Mommy 🙂

“My goal for 2020 is to lose at least 40 more pounds, but more than a number, I really want to get to a place where I’d feel comfortable, completely, in my skin. I’m not after skinny, I’m after healthy and strong.”

Kate’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipe:

“My favorite meal is the Chicken, Cashew and Broccoli Stir Fry. My favorite snack is the Low-Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (it was incredibly hard to pick a favorite, because everything I’ve made has been delicious!).”


Kate’s 3 tips for success:

  • Meal prep! I really feel that prepping is the key to success. You prep for success. If you have everything planned out and prepped, then you’re reaching for items that are healthy and tracked in your calorie budget already.
  • Any exercise counts. All exercise is important, whether it’s a 5 minute workout from the app or an hour run or a 30 minute walk. Mental health is so important and exercise decreases the stress hormone, which makes us all happier 🙂 Get moving and find your happy.
  • Utilize the app! The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app will meal plan for you. Go in a customize, based on what is in your pantry, fridge, freezer…this will help cut down on grocery bills. After you’ve customized, print off your shopping list. Mark your meals on the calendar or print off the overview. You can shuffle things around throughout the week if you need to, sometimes we have more leftovers than planned.
  • Use the workouts on the app, stream them to your TV if you can, or do it from your phone.

Kate adds, “I really feel that there are no excuses for great food choices or workouts when everything is right in the palm of your hand. You’re set up for success with The Healthy Mommy!”

Kai Helin Cooper

Kai-Helin, 39, is a mom of 2 children aged almost 4 years and 7 months from Nebraska.

Kai has lost 15 lbs since she joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in Summer 2019.

Kai shares, “I joined The Healthy Mummy a couple of weeks postpartum, and wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight and fit in my clothes.

Kai’s goal for 2020

“My goal for 2020 is to lose the remaining 7 lbs and gain more strength.

Kai’s tips for other moms:

  • When starting out, make sure to take your measurements and photos
  • Calculate your daily calories on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app
  • Small changes go a long way

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourselves Motivating Moms! We can’t wait to kick some goals with you during the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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