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Target you BOOTY with this Banded BOOTY workout!!!

Everyone has areas on their body they want to target and improve, and for many of us, that area is our glutes.  Lifting your booty takes time and only works with proper technique and activation!! But it is possible!

Using resistance bands helps to increase muscle activation and range of motion! They also help with increasing the intensity of a workout without the need for weights!

Do you know that you sometimes feel like you plateau with your weight and training motivation? But it doesn’t matter how you feel or what you think, if you do the exercise, you will definitely get the results you deserve.

If you consistently train, then you will enjoy your new booty shape.

Target your booty with this Banded Booty Workout

Side leg lifts

These engage your core, activate your outer thighs as well as your booty all at once. Try to keep your torso straight by bracing your core and keeping your hips and chest square to the front.

Side Step squats

These really works your backside and inner thighs which are your glutes and abductor muscles. Keep your back in a neutral position, which is a natural straight back, without leaning forward (this puts pressure on your lower back).

Donkey Kicks

One of the best exercises to focus and isolate your booty, it is a great but lift exercise. Remember to activate your core (brace your belly to prevent your pelvic bone from moving)

Donkey kick press

This exercise creates a great booty in half the time and also works the whole abs, butt and thigh area that we love to target as females. Ensure you carry out these moves slowly and activate your booty muscles, lengthen your back and keep your neck in line with your spine. Check that your hips are level with the floor and watch out for your body attempting to lean to one side.

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