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Mom who was bullied shares how she took back control of her weight and life

INSPIRING Mom Elizabeth Clare has lost 21 lb in 10 months with The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and has dramatically improved her physical and mental health in the process.

She opens up about her journey from being bullied and subsequently eating her way through life, to taking back control of her mental health and weight and regaining her SELF CONFIDENCE.


A health and weight loss journey of twists and turns

Elizabeth says, “My weight loss/health journey has been one of MANY twists and turns, roundabouts and just MAHOOSIVE boulders.

I’ve had to re navigate many times to get back on track.

I’ve battled with my weight since I went to Uni, studying to be a Staff Nurse.

I was working shifts as well as studying and also partying.

I’d lost my way completely both how to look after myself and who I was.”

A victim of bullying – eating my way through life

“When working in a hospital as a newly trained nurse I became a victim to work bullying which resulted in me just eating and drinking my way through life.

This then started my numerous years of trying all the diets, weight loss programs, quick fix exercise programs.”

Discovering The Healthy Mommy

Elizabeth discovered The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges 10 months ago and has now become quite a pro in the kitchen – cooking up delicious, healthy treats and meals from the Challenge App, which her whole family enjoy.


Some of her favorite treats include Peanut Bubble Crunch, Muesli Bars, Chocolate Slices and Breakfast Muffins. These and thousands more delicious recipes are available on the Challenge App.

Exercise routine

Now at the age of 39, Elizabeth is eating well and exercising with the help of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and support network.

But she she says she has not always been this way. She says

Age 10-18: Athlete, Dancer, Hockey Player, Netball Player.

Age 19-33: Riddled with injury, getting bigger by the day, resorting to takeaways and junk to try and make me feel better.

Age 33-38: Lost 3 stone in around 4 months. Eating unhealthy. No exercise. Still riddled with injury.

Age 39: NOW! Eating healthy. Exercising and wanting to push myself further. No serious injuries.”

She loves exercising in the comfort of her home choosing from the wide variety of exercise videos available on the Challenge App.

“Fat Burner and Tabata keep me going” she says.


Weight loss result – 21 lb in 10 months

21 lb weight loss in 10 months and from size 18 to a size 12

Improved mental health

“It’s now been 15 years since the bullying.” Elizabeth says “It’s a long time out of that toxic bullying environment and I am still working on me!

The difference being that I am not surrounded by negativity and bullies.

  • Yes I have had days where I want to give up (this week)
  • I’ve had days where I haven’t been on plan.
  • There have been days where I’ve thought I can’t do this (this week)

But, I’ve learnt that each day is a new day, not week, not month.

  • Each day I can start again.
  • Each day I can try my hardest.
  • Each day I can wake up and see what a difference there is.

The Healthy Mommy is about lifestyle and how you make it work for you and YOUR life for the long term.

Yes I have goals but to me I will always be ‘work in progress.’

Life happens and you have to adapt to that.”

From smiling on the outside and grimacing on the inside to being happy inside and out.


“The Healthy Mommy has helped me go from the girl in the top pictures, smiling on the outside but grimacing on the inside.

Drinking her way through events just to be able to have the confidence to be there.

Leaving events early because of panic attacks.

Not going to important events because of the anxiety it caused.

Now I am:

  • A woman who no longer feels ashamed of her body.
  • A woman who wants to wear colour.
  • A woman who continually wants to better herself.
  • A woman who wants to lose more weight.
  • A woman who wants to lose those lumps and bumps.
  • A woman who isn’t afraid to say that shes not perfect.
  • A woman who knows she needs to work harder to achieve her goals.
  • A woman who at times does let life get in the way and then gets frustrated with herself.”


“I am healthy, happy, confident, strong both mentally and physically and all because I have used the support, tools and motivation given to me through Healthy Mommy and put them to use every day.”

This is what Healthy Mommy and this community has taught me.

Healthy Mommy is the BEST thing I could have possibly done for MYSELF and everyone in my life.

Advice to other moms

  • Stay strong.
  • Look to the future.
  • Don’t look back at the past.

“The Healthy Mommy has helped me teach myself and my family about healthy living and have the confidence to live it. It has helped me turned my life around both mentally and physically.”

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your weight loss story with us.  The Healthy Mommy team are so proud of you taking control of your mental and physical health and living your best and healthiest life.

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