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Mom boosts her metabolism by eating breakfast EVERY day and loses over 41lbs!

Some people may seem naturally blessed with a fast metabolism and an effortlessly sleek physique, while others complain of a slow metabolism and associated weight issues.

However, no matter if you are more the former or the latter, there are a heap of easy ways (and things to do – like join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge) to kickstart your metabolism, just as this mom has discovered.

In fact, by just making sure she has breakfast every single day, she has not only managed to boost her metabolism but she’s also lost over 41lbs!

Skipping meals is a no no

Jacoby Hall has lost 41lbs* and dropped three dress sizes with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

“Before starting the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and getting my nutrition on point, I would miss breakfast,” she admits.

“My partner works away, and I would get caught up in looking after my daughter and getting things around the house done, but I would forget to eat!”

Jacoby says by the time 11am would roll around, she would be starving. As a result, she would make horrible food choices – which would have a knock on effect for the rest of the day.

You can find this Apple Pecan Porridge (Jacoby’s used almond flakes instead) recipe in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

Making an effort to eat breakfast

After signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Jacoby says she learnt the importance of eating regularly and following a healthy meal plan.

She says, “The first thing I did was make an effort with my breakfast.

“I saw all the ladies on The Healthy Mommy Facebook Support Group sharing their pics of the yummy breakfast recipes from the Challenge hub, and I couldn’t wait to make mine.

“I knew it would boost my metabolism, and stop me feeling so hungry all of the time.”

You can find this healthy Bacon, Spinach and Egg Roll recipe on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

Jacoby started making breakfast every day, and in just one month she dropped 11lbs. And soon even more weight started falling off!

“I’ve now lost over 41lbs following The Healthy Mommy meal plans and recipes for breakfasts and other meals” she says.

“Eating more has helped me lose weight, and it’s all thanks to The Healthy Mommy!”

Other ways to boost your metabolism

  1. Eating small regular meals across the day will aid digestion, placing less strain on the body than eating larger meals.
  2. Changing your style of eating. Whole foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats and organic and plant-based proteins will naturally bring you into balance.
  3. Eat probiotic foods to nurture beneficial gut bacteria, helping reduce inflammation and bloating.
  4. Keep your blood sugar stable by consuming low-to-medium-GI foods, and not leaving long breaks between meals.
  5. Remember, weight gain is generally a result of the choices you have made, and so too is weight loss. To have a long-lasting healthy weight loss, these new decisions need to be made permanently and with an open heart.
  6. Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Jacoby’s awesome 41lbs weight loss story

Jacoby has been able to do more than boost her metabolism on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. The inspiring mum says The Healthy Mummy helped her overcome both postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder (due to a difficult birth).

“In 2014, I experienced a really hard labor with my daughter, it sent me down a downward spiral,” she says.

“I literally couldn’t breathe some days. Six months later my fiancé left me. I had postnatal depression [PND] and post traumatic stress disorder [PSTD] and didn’t want him to touch me or look at me.

“I was angry, sad and downtrodden. When I found The Healthy Mommy and all the beautiful ladies getting some many results and all their confidence, I realized I could be one of them. I no longer suffer PND or PTSD.

“I got through by getting a healthy mindset. I made the best changes to be a better mum and a better partner.

“I still hit lows in my life but I can handle them now. It’s the best tool to be given. Being able to handle circumstances out of your control, positively and to have the confidence to face and overcome all your struggles, weight, mindset and all the other bits and pieces in life.”

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Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

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