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No excuses! This Healthy Mommy needs a double hip replacement but she managed to prep 51 meals for just $76

No excuses! Healthy Mommy, Christy, suffers pain daily as she needs a double hip replacement but she managed to prep 51 meals for the family, costing her just $76. Find out how the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge helps her stay on track and meal prep in advance.


No excuses! This Healthy Mommy needs a double hip replacement but she managed to prep 51 meals

Christy Hibbins, 40, is a mum of 6 children aged, 3, 5, 7, 14, 15 & 17.

Christy shares, “I joined The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge on the 28th October 2019 weighing 255 pound, I now weigh 233 pound so I have lost 12 pounds with Healthy Mommy in 11 weeks ( I lost 44 pounds before I joined Healthy Mommy but gained some back, which pushed me to find a solution.)

“I came in looking for a weight loss solution, but I have gained so much more, my self-esteem is improving, I have the motivation to keep trying even when all seems lost, I’m leaving the house more as I had essentially become a hermit, I have gained confidence and respect for myself and have begun to acknowledge my self worth, I have begun to ensure I take care of myself inside and out with nutrition, dressing every day instead of living in my nightie, taking time for myself to reset and relax and most of all cutting myself some slack.

“Happy mommy, happy kids (most of the time lol).”

“I absolutely love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app, it’s so easy to use. The app helps to keep me on track and is loaded with easy and delicious recipes. I love that I can search for any ingredient and find a recipe with what I already have in the house.”

Christy’s favorite Healthy Mommy recipes:

“There is no shortage of meal choices, I absolutely love. There are quite a few and I’m looking forward to trying many more.

“I love seeing other peoples posts of what they made and what they thought about it, not just because of the food itself, but for how it connects us to make us feel like we are all doing this together and we can inspire each other and bounce ideas off each other, losing weight is hard when you’re doing it alone and parenting itself can feel so lonely.

“When you’re in this amazing Healthy Mommy community it doesn’t just feel like some weight loss program with boxes to tick but rather a group of friends supporting each other as a whole. That is the true secret to weight loss. Women empowering women.”

  • Ginger Chicken stirfry
  • Honey Soy chicken
  • Chicken Parmigiana with salad
  • Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Ravioli
  • Zucchini and Bacon slice
  • Pumpkin and sweet Potato soup
  • Curry flavoured noodles
  • Chicken, Cashew and Broccoli stirfry

My favourite Healthy Mummy snacks:

  • Cinnamon scrolls
  • Pizza scrolls
  • Orange and poppyseed muffins
  • Cinnamon, Banana and oat muffins
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Wholegrain crackers with tomato and cheese
  • Spiced apple and sultana muffins

All these recipes and thousands more are available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

drinking enough water

Christy’s three tips for weight loss success:

  • WATER! If you’re just starting out or all feels lost drink water! Water! Water! So many health benefits and it allows you to continue to feel like your in control with a positive achievement for the day.
  • If there are no tracks, you cannot fall off of them, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet and life will always happen, a change in mindset is crucial. There will be good days, bad days and lots in-between but it will not take away all your hard work and progress
  • Be kind to yourself always. Treat yourself like you would treat one of your children if they fall you pick them up, if they feel like they have failed, you reassure them of their success or their efforts, if they’re moody give them space or time, if they’re tired you let them rest. You would never treat your children the way you may treat yourself. Be kind to yourself always, you are strong, you are beautiful and you are loved.

Christy adds,The Healthy Mummy community has simply been exceptional. There is no judgement, everyone has a story, they’re there for you on good days, bad days and all that comes in between. There are always many who can relate to where you are now and offer support and advice to help get you through. It has kept me going on some pretty low days, it’s definitely an amazing group.” JOIN HERE!

Christy’s Meal Prep

What Christy made and how much it cost:

  • 10 Onion and cheese omelette
  • 13 Pumpkin and sweet potato soup
  • 8 Ginger chicken stir fry
  • 6 Pumpkin and sage brown rice risotto
  • 8 Lentil Sheperd’s pie
  • 6 Curry flavoured noodles

Complete total: $76 Average per meal overall : $1.45

Christy shares, “Due to both my hips needing replacement and dealing with pain, it took me a majority of the day with mini breaks as I cannot stand for lengthy periods and use a stool to help me get more done.”

Christy’s tips for meal prepping:

  • Make recipes with similar ingredients as bulk is always cheaper in most food products.
  • Check the specials out before you meal plan. Whats cheap this week or what did you find reduced, you can use the app to search that ingredient to see if you have the other ingredients or what you might need to buy.
  • Ensure you have enough containers. I had to make a trip to the store as I ran out. Ooops!
  • Have food ready to go for the kids, cooking takes time and unless lunch is what you’re trying to cook, it’s great to have something organized to throw there way to keep them happy.

Christy’s tips on how to save time:

  • Do the time-consuming parts first, like cutting, the day before (I love sandwich bags for this) makes the actual meal prepping day much smoother and quicker.
  • Multi-tasking can speed it all up or cooking similar parts of different recipes, for example, whilst my Pumpkin soup was boiling away I had the pumpkin cubes for the risotto steaming and the sweet potato boiling for the Lentil Shepherds pie.
  • Gather all non-perishable ingredients the night before, nothing worse than a pantry search in the midst of it all only to realize you don’t have it or it’s out of date by a year (or more in my case!)

Christy adds, “For me, meal prepping allows the week to run smoother and helps keep me on track with no excuses, as I can have meals on the table in minutes!”

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