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Mom lost MASSIVE 130 lbs, halved her body size AND gained ENORMOUS strength

INSPIRING mom Melanie Arnold-Stemm has not only lost a MASSIVE 130 lbs, almost half of her body weight, but she has also gained ENORMOUS strength in the process.  And the physical and mental strength has helped her navigate some huge obstacles during her weight loss journey.

From a marriage breakdown to helping her terminally ill mother to dealing with her own cancer diagnosis, Melanie has never wavered on her commitment to living her best and healthiest life and become the strong, resilient, confident mom that her daughter could be proud of.

She shares her personal weight loss journey below.

Melanie has lost a massive 130 lbs by following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, despite facing some huge challenges of her own.

Throughout her process of becoming mentally and physically stronger, she has been tackling any obstacles that come her way like a true WARRIOR.

An inspiration to us all. Melanie recently won a trip to New York City to take part in a day of pampering and a BODY CONFIDENCE photo shoot as part of World Healthy Mommy Month.


A yo-yo dieter who had tried almost everything

Previously a yo-yo dieter, Melanie says, “Between skipping meals, diet pills, low-carb, keto, very low-calorie diets, fasting – I’d tried them all. All which had one thing in common. They worked, but as soon as I stopped, I gained it all back. Including the last diet which saw me gain TRIPLE of what I had lost.”

After many failed attempts to lose and keep the weight off, Melanie knew she needed to find something sustainable.  She says “I was skeptical that something like that even existed until I found The Healthy Mommy and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.”

In November 2015 Melanie had two life-changing moments. She found the courage to leave her marriage and the following day she found The Healthy Mommy!

Joining The Healthy Mommy Challenges

Melanie started her weight loss journey weighing 297 lbs. At the time she was suffering several health issues including an illness that made her lose consciousness, due to her heart rate either spiking or falling at super fast speeds. In addition, she was dealing with scoliosis, hip issues, and respiratory problems.

Weight loss results: 130 lbs


Melanie has lost an INCREDIBLE 130 lbs (down from 298 lbs to 168 lbs) which is practically half her body weight by cooking up delicious and nutritious meals from The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and exercising regularly.

In addition, she says “Losing consciousness used to happen to me up to 10 times a day. Now I’m lucky enough to have it happen once or twice every couple of months! This is HUGE for me!”

Setbacks along the way

After moving away from her family several months into her weight loss journey Melanie received the devastating news that her mom had terminal lung cancer.

Living on a super tight budget, Melanie would do a 3 hour round trip 4-5 days a week to visit her mom, taking meals that she prepped from The Healthy Mommy Challenge App.

Melanie says “Mom was initially given 3-6 months life expectancy and with the help of her eating nutrient-rich healthy foods, along with her treatment, she is still here. And has been downgraded from terminal to incurable.  Essentially meaning that the life expectancy is now years instead of fast-moving, which is a massive turnaround!”

Most recently, after a routine checkup for herself, Melanie received another setback. “I was told I have cancer cells. Thankfully they are non-life-threatening however, in addition, my ovaries have over 43 very large cysts. So along with the cancer cells, I have been told that a full hysterectomy and cancer treatment will be likely.”

Although this likely means no more children for Melanie, she remains strong and focuses on the positives during her weight loss journey.

“I’ve got ‘ME’ back”

Not only has Melanie inspired many other moms on their weight loss journeys she says “I have made beautiful life-long friendships, which is the biggest win for me. I was always feeling like the odd one out, the black sheep of the family, and my confidence to be myself around others was shot. I’ve now got ‘ME’ back! 

I am super thankful for my daughter, and also for my wonderful partner.

I love my life, and the love has grown from the confidence and self-appreciation I have gained since being a Healthy Mommy. Even better, my family loves it too!”

Melanie’s 3-hour rule for weight loss success

One of the great strategies Melanie uses for maintaining her weight loss is the 3-hour rule.

She says “If I’ve eaten something less favorable, or if I’ve had a weak moment, I look up at the clock, and reset in 3 hours time. Never waiting to tomorrow and definitely not for Monday to get back on track!

This has helped create an amazing habit without the negativity that can be associated with ‘diets’. Which is great, because The Healthy Mommy is definitely a lifestyle I’ll never be without!”

The Healthy Mommy team would like to thank Melanie for being such an INSPIRATION to us all and an incredible role model for her daughter.  We congratulate her on her amazing weight loss success and the confidence and positivity she displays every single day.

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