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Mom-of-2 is now rocking a size 8 and has learned to love her body again

Alexandra, aged 28, is a busy mom from the UK and has lost 35 lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes in 6 months following The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She is one of six AMAZING moms invited to participate in a day of pampering and celebration at The Healthy Mommy BODY CONFIDENCE photo shoot in London.


The photo shoot is the third is a series of BODY CONFIDENCE shoots around the world (following Sydney and New York) focused on celebrating mom’s who are living their happiest and healthiest lives. All part of World Healthy Mommy month.


When the camera’s started clicking these AMAZING mom’s certainly delivered, including the gorgeous Alexandra.  She shares her weight loss journey below.

Breastfeeding mom with two young children

Alexandra says “I have two little monkeys. I’m still breastfeeding my youngest who is eight months old and my other one is nearly three years old.

Fed up with the way she looked, how her clothes no longer fitted and refusing to buy size 14 clothes, Alexandra decided to make a change.

She signed up to The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in January this year and says “I am still amazed by it all”.

“I’ve learnt to love my body again”

Alexandra says joining The Healthy Mommy Challenges almost instantly changed her mindset towards food, her body and exercise.

Healthy chicken laksa using under 5 ingredients

Not only does Alexandra pay attention to what she is putting into her body (opting to cook a wide range of delicious meals and snacks from scratch from the Challenge meal plan), she pays attention to food labels too.

After 2 C sections in 3 years Alexandra never dreamed that she would go back to regular exercise, but she did, 5 months after giving birth.

Now a fan of exercise and having gained so much energy through eating nutritious food, Alexandra even exercises on her rest days too.

She says “I’m so full of energy – I always squeeze in some squats and lunges!

It has helped me to fall in love with running which I never thought would happen.

I don’t even feel like I’m making an effort anymore to “stay of track”.

In addition to her increased energy and weight loss, Alexandra says her skin and hair feels amazing.

Weight Loss results – 35 lbs in 6 months

Alexandra has lost 35 lbs in 6 months and gone down 2 dress sizes (from size 10/12 to a size 8).

But best of all she says “I’ve learned to love my body again”.

Alexandra’s favorite family meals

Carrot Zucchini Cake

Some of Alexandra’s favorite Healthy Mommy meals and snacks from the Challenge App include the tortellini soup, lentil soup, pesto pasta, high fiber curry, healthy carrot cake, chocolate chip banana bread and belly blasting oats.

Alexandra’s tips for weight loss success

  • Go at your own pace (whether it’s slow or if you want, go all in)
  • Be consistent and results WILL show and whatever you do, enjoy your journey.
  • When you feel like giving up, look at your progression pictures to remind yourself how far you’ve come. Compare your health and well-being to pre Healthy Mommy days.  (eg. I haven’t felt ill this year and it’s very nearly May!)
  • If you go off plan just get back on it. It really is that simple.

“I’ve loved every minute of my Healthy Mommy journey”

Alexandra says “I’ll honestly be forever grateful to The Healthy Mommy just for giving me the guidance and the help I needed to succeed in healthy living”.

Despite still wanting to lose another 5 lbs Alexandra says she feels great in her body. “I’ve loved every minute of my Healthy Mommy journey”.

The Healthy Mommy team would like to thank Alexandra for sharing her weight loss journey with us and for being such an inspiration to us. We love that she has her body confidence and energy back and we know she will be smashing her weight loss goal very soon.

Are you ready to become a Healthy Mommy?

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Regain your body confidence with The Healthy Mommy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Our Challenge is designed by moms FOR MOMS – to help them reach their goal weight and tackle their health and fitness.

The Challenge is home to customizable meal plans, 24/7 social support and realistic exercises moms can do AT HOME.

To find out more on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge click here.

*Images and references to pounds lost are as supplied by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mommy assumes information and photographs supplied to be true in nature and is not responsible for any false misrepresentations or claims relating to their programs or products.

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