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Real moms share their top tips on how meal prep helps them to stay on track

We are big fans of meal prep at The Healthy Mommy and our community of real moms love to share the food they prep, their tips to get it done and how it helps them stay on track. Read a few moms tips that help them stay on track.

Mom who has lost 55lbs credits The Healthy Mommy for keeping her on track

Cindy 37, busy Mom of 2 from Michigan has lost 26 pounds since January and incredible 55lbs altogether since she first started her journey with The Healthy Mommy.

Cindy says “The Healthy Mommy has helped me stay motivated and had given me the best recipes to keep me inspired. I want to teach my kids about healthy eating, I want to be fit and healthy.

My motivation came from a wake up call at the doctors when I was told I had high blood pressure, after 6 months with the Healthy Mommy my blood pressure is back to normal.”

Cindy’s 10 tips for moms are

  1. First figure out how much time you to prep and schedule it in.
  2. Meal plan around your prep time not prep around your plan.
  3. Repeat meals and snacks.
  4. Do a stocktake of your fridge and cupboard before you go shopping
  5. Once you’ve done your shop, plan what meals you are having on which nights based on the freshness of ingredients for example check the dates if your meats and go from there.
  6. Cook double when you’re cooking something that freezes well like lasagne, risotto, spaghetti. This will help build up your freezer stash.
  7. Have left over dinners for lunch the next day.
  8. Plan meals that have the same ingredients- for example, I love having coleslaw as a side so I buy a whole cabbage and I can get 3 nights of it in one week so I will plan that as my side for 3 meals with different proteins.
  9. Don’t shop when you are hungry.
  10. Clean out your fridge at the end of the week and freeze anything before it too bad to use and needs to be thrown out.

Here’s what Cindy made in a recent prep

Choc chip muffins

Hidden veggie sausage rolls

Raspberry, pistachio and coconut chocolate thins

Quick and easy Date Balls

Mom of two who has lost 23lbs and 37cm from her body

Sheridan, Mom of 2 girls from Virginia joined The Healthy Mommy in May 2018 and has lost 23lbs and 37cm from her body!!

She says “I love everything Healthy Mommy, it’s the only thing that has been sustainable for me. I’ve Lost 23lbs and gained so much more – confidence, self love, muscles, and being a good role model for my girls.”

Sheridan’s top tips

  1. Repeat meals
  2. Buy in bulk
  3. Buy generic brands
  4. Cook double/triple batches and freeze
  5. When finalizing meal plan, consider what you already have in your pantry, fridge and freezer
  6. Utilise what you already have
  7. Write/print out a shopping list – use the app feature!
  8. Stick to your shopping list!
  9. Stick to recipes with a smaller number of ingredients
  10. Choose meals that you are pretty confident your family will enjoy, to save waste
  11. If foods are starting to turn in the fridge, pop them in the freezer – such as herbs, fruits, veggies, sauces.

Some things Sheridan made in a recent prep

  • Choc chip banana bread made into muffins
  • Peanut butter granola (made gluten free with quinoa and some seeds instead of oats)
  • 4 x chili pork bowls for lunch
  • Dry ingredients for 5 x choc lava microwave cake

Easy Chilli con carnie, raw peanut bars, Choc chip muffins, chocolate granola bars

Mom loves that she can prep and eat together with her family

Aimee, a mom of two from Michigan, joined The Heathy Mommy in June and has lost 8 pounds so far following the plan.

Aimee says “My confidence has soared and I write about shopping in my closet a lot. I love that The Healthy Mommy lets me cook for my family and we can prep and eat together.”

Aimee’s 10 top tips for other moms

  1. Buy meat in bulk for the freezer.
  2. Buy fresh with the season when it is cheaper.
  3. Grow and dry your own herbs.
  4. Make double batches and freeze for busy times
  5. Use grocery pickup
  6. Repeat lunches and snacks
  7. Use leftovers for lunches the next day.
  8. Freeze tomato paste in ice cube trays for teaspoon servings for recipes.
  9. Freeze herbs in chicken stock to cook with and preserve.
  10. Cut all veggies and put in baggies for easy meals/snack prep daily.

Some of the meals Aimee prepped recently

  • Roasted red pepper dip with rice crackers x 4
  • Beef and bean tacos for dinner one night
  • Stovetop lasagna for dinner one night
  • Lemon coconut muffins x6 for snack

Mini ham spinach and feta muffins

Avocado mixed veggie salsa

Mom found confidence she didn’t realize she had

Marcia is a 33 year old mom of 2 boys from Alabama who has lost 12 lbs so far following The Healthy Mommy.

Marcia says “I have been with The Healthy Mommy since April of 2019. and have lost 12 lbs and a full dress size, I’ve gained so much too!! I have confidence I’ve NEVER had before.

I decided to join The Healthy Mommy because I’ve tried so many things and nothing stuck. After looking around at the program, I just knew this was going to work!! I love the food!!

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!”

Marcia’s top 10 tips are

  1. Print out your shopping list and STICK TO IT!!
  2. Wash and cut fruits and veggies as soon as you arrive home from the store if you can.
  3. Repeat one or two breakfasts and one or two snacks. Makes meal prepping easier and cheaper for grocery shopping.
  4. Make extras of some things (like the low carb PB cups) and keep a stash in the freezer
  5. Shop in bulk when you can.
  6. Buy store brands if possible.
  7. Eat leftovers during the week (if there are some). Less cooking means I’m more likely to stick to my plan!
  8. Take a few days to go over and make changes to plans. I always go through it one more time before I print my shopping list—and make any changes if need be.
  9. Keep it simple!
  10. Make sure you LOVE the food you eat! If you don’t like something in the meal plan, CHANGE IT!! No point in spending money on something that won’t get eaten.

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