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FACT! Moms who have regular massages are calmer and more pleasant, says expert

There are TONS of studies out there saying that moms everywhere are feeling stressed and burnout.

Parental burnout affects between 2-15% of parents, Julia Sweet, a Psychotherapist at Seaway Counselling and Psychotherapy tells The Healthy Mommy.

But she says, when moms make time for themselves it’s not only in their best interest, it’s in the interest of the whole family.

Here’s why you should NEVER feel guilty for having ‘you time’ or booking in for a much-needed and well-deserved massage.

Moms who have regular massages are calmer and more pleasant, claims expert

Julie explains that parental burnout is caused by extreme exhaustion.

Worryingly, it can manifest when parents doubt themselves, from their capacity to parent, to their perceived inadequacies relating to their parenting skill set.

With all of the pressures moms put on themselves, no wonder so many people are feeling on edge.

Whether moms are now working inside or outside of the home, they can over function,” Julie tells The Healthy Mommy.

“Their plates are well and truly full, to overflowing, so its no secret moms have several balls in the air at the one time and the juggle is real.”

“Parents experience burnout when they are under enormous pressure, they have their own expectations and others’ as well placed on them.”

“They may have limited resources, they have reduced access to supports, where there is stigma, they may be experiencing mental health issues.”

“They feel constantly exhausted and many other factors can all cause parental burnout.”

How to avoid and overcome parental burnout

Julie stresses that moms MUST make more time for themselves and ensure they switch off.

“Is a more rested, calmer human being a better functioning individual? Naturally, the answer is yes,” says Julie.

“Who doesn’t benefit from rest, from a relaxed calm environment, from peace and stability?”

Julie reveals many of her clients, who are mothers, often disclose their discomfort in taking time out, whether it be guilt or feeling time poor.

“It is essential for moms to have some time for themselves,” says Julie.

“Whether they are going out for a short while, out amongst nature, going for a walk.”

“Or even having a facial or massage, reading a book, any activity or relaxation method that is suitable and possible needs to be explored and implemented.”

So there you have it. An expert says it’s IMPORTANT to take time out, not just for yourself, but for everyone in the family.

Book that massage, mama!

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