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6 Moms share their tips to survive the busy weekends and stay on track

6 Healthy Mommy  Moms share their top tips for staying on track over the weekend with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Weekends are often a time when things get hectic and it would be super easy to just grab the unhealthy “easy” choices and blow your whole weeks’ hard work. These moms share some great ideas to help you stay motivated.

Moms share their top tips to survive the crazy weekend

Cindy, mom of 2, from Michigan has lost 27 pounds over the last 8 months by following the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Cindy shares her tips for staying on track over the weekend

1) Planning and organization. Just like during the week, have a food plan and have things prepped if needed. Plan and organize around any events and activities you have on the weekends.

2) Some weekends we have “Lazy Sundays”.  I’ll do a cooked brunch/lunch for the family either eggs or pancakes. Also, lazy Sundays call for a family snack platter with The Healthy Mummy dips, veggie sticks, pretzels, cheese plus The Healthy Mummy Parmesan crackers.  This makes it feel like a treat and that we are not missing out on anything if we were to eat out.

3) With social events planning is also important. Research the menu before going and have a plan for what you will eat. If you are having a high-calorie meal then balance it with a low-calorie breakfast and lunch. If alcohol is your weakness then plan on how many drinks you will have and also what you will drink. If you plan ahead then you are making a commitment to yourself resulting in smarter decisions rather than decisions made on impulse. If you are going to a cocktail event or somewhere you know there are no healthy choices then eat before you go.

4) Weekend takeout. If you are tempted to order takeout then either have a freezer stash with meals that excite you and are your favorites. Or have your meal plan with meals that are your favorites. I like to do homemade pizza on Friday nights and have my kids help make them. I’m less likely to order pizza if I have made the commitment to make them with my kids.

5) Exercise. Either get it done early in the day so it’s done and not forgotten or plan something active with the family.


Heather’s tips for staying on track over the weekend

Heather from Florida is now at her goal weight and has gone down two sizes following the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Take your water bottle everywhere you go.
  2. Eat at your planned time. Don’t get so busy you forget to eat.
  3. Prepare yummy healthy snacks to bring to social events so you will be less tempted to eat a whole bag of chips.
  4. Exercise. Sneak in incidental exercise. Park far away from the store, do 10 squats with a baby or milk jug.
  5. Prepare snacks for on the go. Have portable snacks prepared ready to grab and run out the door.

Kate shares her tips to stay on track over the weekend

Kate, Mom of two boys from Las Vegas has lost 13 pounds and over 12 inches with the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

  1. Snack prep is vital for me. I double my snacks every Sunday when I prep and that gives me and the hubby enough to go until the next Sunday when I prep again.
  2. Family adventures! Include the family in hikes on the weekends.
  3. Water! Always have a water bottle with you to increase your consumption.
  4. No excuses. Remember your goals. Write them down and visualize your end game. You don’t want to workout? Do it for ten minutes. If you still don’t want to then stop, but chances are, you’ll finish your workout.
  5. Make smart choices. This is a sustainable lifestyle change. Give yourself grace and make the best choices possible for you. This is your journey and no one else’s. Don’t compare journeys with others but use theirs to inspire and propel you forward.

Nikki’s tips to stay on track over the weekend

Busy Mom of two girls, Nikki, has lost 17 pounds following the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


  1. Weekend meal plan. I make sure I have incorporated weekend food into my plan so if we are likely to want pudding/dessert treats then I search the app for appropriate treats like ice cream, cake, or bake cookies with my kids and then we have healthier options than buying from the shop.
  2. Eating out. If we go out for a meal I opt for something similar to a meal on the app or ask to change the meal to have vegetables instead of fries, sauce on the side etc. so I can control how much I’m having rather than having it drowning in sauce.
  3. Exercise. I try to get out for a workout (peace and quiet is good for the mind too ) and if I’m not doing a workout then lots of walking with the kids, or if we go swimming then I make sure I’m moving in the water (doing squats, lunges, kicking etc).
  4. Sunday treat. We have a Sunday morning Pancake tradition now, so something for us all to look forward to as a treat but made the Healthy Mummy way. Try the Healthy Mummy Cinnabun mini pancakes. 
  5. Be kind to yourself! The important thing is also not to beat yourself up if you do have a meal off plan then enjoy it and move back to your plan. Try not to let one treat meal become a binge for the whole weekend.

Sheridan’s tips to stay on track over the weekend

Sheridan, a mom of two girls, has lost 27 pounds with the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Sheridan says, “Weekends are treated the same as my week!”

  1. Remember your goals. I write my weekly goals down and put them on the fridge. Each time I hit a goal I cross it off!
  2. Join the Facebook group. I always share on the Healthy Mummy Community group my weekly, short term, and long term goals and then it helps me stay accountable.
  3. Avoid temptation. I stay away from temptation by not having it in the house, or if it’s there, I just think about my goals to help me refrain. It helps that I am following a gluten-free meal plan and most ‘naughty’ food in the house has gluten in it!
  4. Exercise early. I often get up early (around 5.30) to get my workout in before everyone wakes up, that means that whatever happens during the day, my workout is already done.
  5. Customize your meal plan to suit the family. I repeat meals to save time and money. I use the app to its full potential including tracking my calories, water, exercise, Fitbit data, and progress measurements.

Vanessa’s tips to stay on track over the weekend

Vanessa, a mom of two boys, has lost 22 pounds with the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Vanessa admits, “ Weekends can be tough. My tips to survive would be….”

  1. Try to plan, have the food in that you want to eat or cook to stop any last-minute takeaway choices.
  2. Choose healthy Takeaway meals. If the family want a takeaway, that’s fine, try to eat a meal you have stashed in the freezer or join in and try to make the best choice you can.
  3. Exercise, move your body and include the family.
  4. Prepare snacks. Always have snacks prepped and in the fridge – they are a lifesaver.
  5. Eat before you go out! If you know you are going out try to eat light before you go, lower-calorie meals so you don’t go too far over your allowance.

Thanks so much for sharing your tips with us Moms. I think we all know the weekend can often be a tricky time to stay motivated. These tips are very useful!

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