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Our Motivating Moms top tips for SMASHING your weight loss goals

To help you on your weight loss journey, some of our Motivating Moms have come together to motivate and inspire you to become better versions of yourself. All of these AMAZING women have kicked their goals by using the 28 Day Weight Challenge (along with a whole heap of hard work!).

Read on to find out how they lost and weight (and kept it off!).

Introducing our Motivational Moms

Stacey Webb says her pregnancy as a Healthy Mommy was her healthiest pregnancyunnamed

“I am a Mom to four children who are 6 years, 4 years and 8 week old twins.

I found The Healthy Mommy 2 years ago. I used the recipes and along with The Healthy Mommy exercises and gym and I lost almost 28 lbs.

I then decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and a few weeks later I found out I was four weeks pregnant with twins.

I maintained a healthy twin pregnancy and did the challenges, exercises on the app, and gym training. I had my twins at 39 weeks by c-section (my 2nd). I gained 44 lbs. throughout the twin pregnancy (reaching 211 lbs.) which is almost the same weight that I gained with each of my Singleton pregnancies. My fittest and healthiest pregnancy and my first pregnancy as a healthy mommy.

I am now approaching nine weeks postpartum and have clearance to exercise. I’m slowly back at the gym, and doing The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as well as exercises from the hub.

Some of the exercises I modify and that’s ok. It’s important to modify exercises if needed and being postpartum I need to make sure with certain exercises I modify or change if needed. The exercises I am doing through the exercise hub, in particular, are the stomach separation, postpartum and baby wearing exercises.

I didn’t bounce back to my pre-pregnancy body after having the twins. My stomach is stretched, more stretch marks, have the stomach overhang and still added weight. I lost 35lbs after delivering the twins but still have a way to go. Since resuming exercise, I have lost another 4lbs and 3 inches.

In all of these pictures, I love my body and what it has achieved. I’m not ashamed of my postpartum body. I’m on my journey to not only to lose the baby weight but be fitter after having the twins. This will take time and that’s ok. It took nine months to grow these babies, my body needs time to recover. I’m enjoying the journey on the way to reach that goal.

I’m so excited to be a Motivating Mom for the first time. I would love to help and inspire other ladies to love their body as they are on their journey.

My goal – to get back into wearing all of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I can wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes but not all of them.

5 budget tips

  • Write a shopping list and stick to it. I love writing a list and ticking them off as I go. All the little things you add in that aren’t on the list all add up
  • Don’t shop hungry. It just makes you want to buy more and you start putting more things in your cart that you may not necessarily need
  • Buy in bulk. Cheaper to buy in bulk and separate and freeze at home
  • Stay away from fast food. Cheaper and much more fun to make the food at home than fast food
  • Check your prices per unit. Prices can vary a lot between prepackaged and unpackaged fruits and vegetables when they weigh the same.”

Phoebe Phillips says she is feeling the healthiest and happiest she has ever been!

Pheobe Phillips weight loss before and after photo with The Healthy Mommy“Hello! I’m 26 years old and mom to four beautiful children (7,4,3,1) I found The Healthy Mommy when I was pregnant with my fourth baby and started using the free recipes in my last month before she was born and set up a good routine to continue once she was here!

After my little one was born, I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and in the 12 months after she was born I lost 57 lbs. I started out only walking for exercise which is when I lost most of my weight and once most of it was gone I joined the gym and try and go everyday! I’ve gone from 243lbs to 169lbs and lost over 47 inches from all over my body. I’m currently sitting at my pre-pregnancy weight and feeling the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

My goals are to hopefully lose the last dreaded 1o pounds, to stay consistent with my exercise and eating and to continue to set a good example to my young children.

My 5 tips for budget saving are:

  1. Make sure you use what you already have available, there is no point stocking up on extra food and spending extra money if you’ve got options available in your house already.
  2. Write a shopping list with what you really need to stop buying unnecessary items that will ruin your budget.
  3. Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan… this is fail proof.
  4. Eat leftovers, freeze them for quick meals later on (again meal plan)
  5. I always find sticking to meals I know my family will actually eat (remember the meal plan is easy to customize) to save on food wastage and wasting money on food that won’t get eaten.”

Bec Jackson says that it’s all in the lifestyle changes


I’m 39 and mom of four – two boys aged 12 & 6 and two girls, aged 4 and 1! I work part time running my own company, I’m a psychologist and coach. I also teach meditation and mindfulness to kids.

Since joining the Healthy Mommy I’ve lost 50lbs and over 49 inches from my body! I’ve gained lots of muscle tone from following the challenge exercises and my fitness has continued to improve each month! I’ve breastfed through all the challenges and have had no problems with supply.

I have struggled with weight my whole adult life due to PCOS and a bad pattern of strict weight-loss diets which have been unsustainable! Not anymore! The Healthy Mommy has taught me balance, lifestyle change and consistency. Meaning, I no longer diet and my whole family follows the same healthy eating patterns.

My top 5 budget tips:

  1. Meal plan. Buy only what is on the plan and don’t waste anything.
  2. Customize your plan around specials and seasonal produce.
  3. Learn to substitute less expensive ingredients or what you have on hand.
  4. Check your fridge, freezer and pantry first before you go to the store.
  5. Buy one of the more expensive pantry staples in bulk each week to keep your pantry stocked (eg, coconut oil, chia seeds, dates).

Bonus tip: grow your own herbs. It’s easy, great to teach the kids and you saves money (and you can just pick what you need, avoiding waste.

I’ve got heaps more budget tips I can’t wait to share!”

Naomi Rajamanickam says she feels more energized


“Hi all you Healthy Mommies. 

I am a 29-year-old mom to two boys (7 and 1). I work as a surgical scrub nurse, I run my boys to sports and therapy (oldest is ASD/ADHD and youngest has feeding issues) so life is busy!

I started The Healthy Mommy after losing the baby weight but struggling to drop the IVF weight that preceded the baby weight. Since joining though I threw away the scales and focused on photos and measurements as I am still breastfeeding so it is more accurate. I immediately felt more energy and practiced healthier habits from exercise to drinking more water.

My goals are to tone and build a nice booty and get out and moving with the kids.

5 budget tips:

  1. Buy up on special the basic long-life items you use regularly (canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned corn, etc).
  2. Meal prep in bulk especially as meats are cheaper in bulk packs
  3. If you don’t want to add your shopping up while out, work it out using online shopping instead, to avoid those tempting special offers in the store
  4. Don’t shop hungry!
  5. Keep snacks in your bag to prevent the need to buy food when out.”

Beth Azzopardi says she learned that weight loss is a journey


“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life and always been classified as obese. Whilst I have lost weight in the past I had never been able to keep it off. That was until I found The Healthy Mommy. The Healthy Mommy has taught me weight loss is a journey and can’t be achieved through a fad diet.

After my second child, I reached 200lbs, I was so unfit and struggled to push my double pram up the slightest incline. I would get to the park and have to rest before I played with my eldest.

This is when I knew things had to change. I was introduced to The Healthy Mommy and haven’t ever looked back.

I am currently 152lbs. but more importantly, I am fit, happy and healthy.

My Goals:

  • Reach my goal weight (only 6 lbs to go)
  • Complete my Healthy Mommy fitness tests and complete one set of challenge exercises every second day!
  • Run 100 miles in one month

5 budget tips:

  1. Grocery shop online – it stops you from impulse buying and you can search for products by what’s on special.
  2. Buy in bulk and cook in bulk. I double most recipes and freeze them. On my workdays, I reheat pre-cooked meals.
  3. Meal plan and stick to it. Avoid all those little extra purchases during the week.
  4. Pack your lunch even if just at home with the kids, it will not only ensure you don’t overeat but you won’t be tempted to splurge when out.”

Sally Stepniewski says she is feeling confidence she never knew she had


“I’m a 35-year-old mom to three – 5-year-old boy/girl twins and little miss almost 2. I work full-time as a science and dance teacher, so organization is incredibly important to surviving and succeeding each day.

I first joined The Healthy Mommy when I realized how unhappy and unhealthy I had become; I was wearing size 20 maternity clothing and weighed 200lbs. It took a photo on a day surrounded by my best friends for me to actually realize how dark a place I’d found myself.

Anxiety levels were out of control, and IBS was getting out of control, but I was so lost. It had been a long road to having a family with me going through menopause at 29, battling infertility and all the stresses attached to that – our littlest was the most amazing blessing and finally I felt complete, but realized how far I’d strayed from healthy and knew it was time to find ME once more.

In my first 12 months, I said goodbye to 71lbs and smashed my goal weight. Over the last six months, I’ve been focusing on my fitness and toning and have said goodbye to a further 8 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 79lbs and 70 inches!!! I’m now happily rocking size 8-10 clothes and am feeling the confidence I never knew I had!

The Healthy Mommy has taught me so much, from understanding food and the value of water to the importance of exercise to friendships made and confidence discovered, even self-love. Stepping outside my comfort zone is one of the things I’m most proud of along my journey. I’m currently working towards my first half-marathon in two weeks!

My Goal:

To go on a beach holiday with my family and actually get involved – no longer will I hide in the beach tent, I WILL go in the water, wear my bikini and shorts with confidence, and run around with my kids, I’ll even be in the photos!

My top 5 budget tips:

  1. MEAL PLAN! It sounds crazy, but knowing exactly what you’re making and the quantities required stops you straying at the shops.
  2. GROW YOUR OWN VEGGIES! We have a veggie patch out back that the kids love to water and maintain, it’s always full of seasonal vegetables to eat.
  3. COOK EXTRAS FOR DINNER! We don’t have much freezer space to mass cook up meals, so each night I prepare an extra serve or two for lunches the next day.
  4. USE THE SAME SIMPLE SNACKS EACH DAY! It not only saves on time and prep, but simple snacks like fruit and veggie sticks are quite cost-efficient.
  5. IF YOU FIND A STAPLE ITEM ON SPECIAL, BUY A FEW! I know initially it sounds expensive, but in the long run, you’ll thank yourself for buying almond milk, peanut butter or frozen fruit at half price.

I’m here to hopefully inspire and show you girls how to make The Healthy Mommy work for you, even us working mommas can do this.”

Kate Jacklin says she is able to adjust The Healthy Mommy workouts to suit her


“Hi, I am 24-year-old mom of two littlies.

I was introduced to The Healthy Mommy while pregnant with my daughter Alice, I soon signed up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and lost 15lbs and reached my goal weight before falling pregnant with my second baby. After having Arlo I continued doing the same and lost another 28lbs getting below my goal.

Since then I have had multiple health issues including Severe Psoriatic Arthritis, a Mirena floating around my body and ovarian cyst. My arthritis was crippling to the point I struggled to walk for a while – thank goodness for The Healthy Mommy workouts, I could adjust them to make them work for me!

After having surgery for the other two issues I surprisingly recovered quickly, I thank The Healthy Mommy for this. Teaching me to live a healthy lifestyle and giving me the tools to become the healthiest I have ever been, I would not have felt this amazing so soon after if I was still my old self.

Due to medication and the above I have put back on a couple of pounds but I WILL get to 140lbs & fit back into last year’s shorts!

Budget Tips:

  • Meal plan with the ingredients you have on hand.
  • Choose recipes with similar ingredients
  • Shop the specials!
  • Repeat meal and snacks throughout the week
  • Shop online to save temptations and unnecessary purchases.”

Steph McCullock says she hasn’t looked back!


“For the majority of my adult life, I sat around 308lbs. After falling pregnant with my son, I fell victim to a host of obesity-related pregnancy complications which resulted in delivering my little man 2 months early at 380lbs.

I was told before being rushed in for surgery that I may not make it due to being severely sick and in multiple organ failure. From the moment I laid eyes on my son I knew it was time to look after myself because I was someone’s entire world now.

I tried crash dieting and exercising but I couldn’t sustain it and ended up tipping the scales back at 310lbs. After seeing a horrible photo of myself and receiving potentially life-threatening medical results, I started on my journey to lose weight. It was slow, challenging and I didn’t have a support network to help keep me motivated.

Eventually, I said enough is enough and made a plan to change everything. I researched, learned to understand how my body works, made a plan to meal prep and returned to boot camp. I put my plan into action and I haven’t looked back!

Down nearly 98lbs, over 59 inches, six dress sizes and having recently completed a 5-mile run, I’m loving life!

The Healthy Mommy gave me an unconditional support network and I’m backed by thousands of warrior women who are all on the same journey to be a Healthy Mommy. I love inspiring other moms now to show it can be done!

I love a challenge so I like to juggle it all! I’m a mom to a 2-year-old boy, a lawyer running my own department at a law firm, a wife and a self-confessed exercise enthusiast.

My goal is to buy and rock my first ever two-piece swimsuit and to lose another 25lbs.

1f4aa.pngMy top five budget tips:

  1. Shop online. This saves buying unnecessary items.
  2. And always shop after you’ve eaten! Never shop hungry.
  3. Meal prep.
  4. Buy in bulk
  5. Always look for specials!”

Well done moms on your amazing accomplishments. We can’t wait to see you kick all your goals!

Are you ready to become a Healthy Mommy?

If you are wanting to lose weight and improve your energy – not to mention – help improve your overall health and wellbeing – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an awesome program to check out.

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • 28 days of at home exercise routines (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customizable and breastfeeding friendly meal plans (including 7 Day Cleanse)
  • Time-efficient exercises for busy moms – under 30 mins
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of EASY-TO-MAKE recipes!


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