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As seen on Parade Magazine: How this influencer mom fed her whole family dinner for $133 a month

The Healthy Mommy founder, Rhian Allen, was featured in Parade Magazine showcasing the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge’s tasty, convenient, and inexpensive meal prep techniques!!

Rhian with meal prepped meals for Parade Magazine

Parade Magazine writes that Rhian Allen, “the CEO/founder of The Healthy Mommya healthy living program designed to show busy moms that eating healthy can be easy and inexpensive, set out to feed her family dinner for just $133 for an entire month—and she did just that, writing about it on her blog. With the $133, she was able to make 120 dinners for 30 nights (including snacks, she spent $163). Her secret? Lots of meal prepping!”

In the article Rhian shares some of her favorite recipes to meal prep as well as some tips to help other busy moms save time and money when eating healthy by meal prepping.

You can read the full article featured in Parade Magazine here.

Parade is a Sunday magazine designed to entertain and inform. Distributed to nearly 330 newspapers around the country, with a circulation of 32,000,000, the magazine spotlights American interests by featuring stories on celebrities as well as ordinary people. Topics range from food, health, and beauty to finance, automobiles, sports and science. Articles cover both national and international events.

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