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The plan that’s helping new moms to increase energy and lose weight

New moms – are you suffering from exhaustion? Are you trying to overcome your exhaustion by consuming a large amount of coffee and sugary treats? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Mom Maria O’Rourke reveals the plan that helped her kick her dependency on coffee and sugary treats, lose 33 lbs in 12 months, gain more energy and become the happy, healthy mom she has always wanted to be. And it can help you too! Read How to lose baby weight the healthy way.

She shares her story below.


Exhausted from being a new mom

Mom Maria O’Rourke can relate to most new moms across the world. She understands what it feels like to be TIRED. Really TIRED! Not long after having her son, the sleepless nights started having an impact on her physical and mental health.

She says “I was a first time mom so the whole new mom life was overwhelming and exhausting – I was extremely tired”.

I was tired from having a baby that hardly ever slept and also in hindsight because my body wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed”.

Attempting to overcome her tiredness she started consuming coffee and sugary treats at a rapid rate, only to end up more tired and gaining weight at a rapid pace.

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“I was gaining weight like there was no tomorrow”

In addition to feeling exhausted Maria says “I was gaining weight like there was no tomorrow”.

Determined to kick her high sugar consumption to the curb, Maria signed up to the Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Joining The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges

Maria started her Healthy Mommy journey just over 12 months ago.

Her goal was to kick the sugar, chocolate and junk food cravings she had developed after she had her son.

She says “After seeing photos of myself from our first family holiday I knew I needed to change.

It was more of a realization that my body was being abused and I was in more and more pain daily.

Maria had a long history of suffering back pain (she has been on pain medication for her back since she was 16 years old) and it was getting worse. It was so bad that Maria says “My partner would have to help me stand and walk some days. My back problems were getting worse to a point I was having night spasms and night sweats every night!

Anti-depressants where being shoved at me from my GP to help me sleep and be in less pain”. 

Changing eating habits

Mexican Lasagna

Maria began making meals from scratch from the budget and family friendly Healthy Mommy 28 Day Challenge meal plans.

Some of Maria’s favorite meals from the include: Mexican lasagne, savory tarts and the fish burger.

In addition to fueling her body with nutritious meals from the Challenge meal plan Maria started increasing her exercise.

Exercise routine

Maria now goes for daily walks and adventures with her son and loves playing chase with him.

She can hold a plank for 1 minute which is a huge win from not being able to even hold her own weight.

She says “I go jogging when I can which I’ve never done before and I just have fun with life”.

Weight loss results – 33 lbs in 12 months


In 12 months Maria has lost 33 lbs (down from 211 lbs to 194 lbs)

She says “I have gone from a mom who was feeling low, unhappy with how she looked, self conscious, exhausted 24/7, unfit….. to a mom who:

  • Is happier
  • Has less baggage
  • Is fitter
  • Has less daily pain
  • Is more adventurous /fun
  • Less exhaustion
  • Not taken daily medication for pain.
  • Working on improving fitness and better food choices.

I’ve gone from needing help walking from the daily pain to jumping up to play chase with my son. Her crippling back pain will never go for good but has improved.

Hurdles in weight loss journey

Maria’s weight loss journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. She has recently been diagnosed with PCOS, but she has remained positive and knows that with some adjustments she will be able to achieve her weight loss goal.

She says “I’ve had and still do have some health problems, as we all do, but it hasn’t stopped me from continuing my journey because I’m doing it for me, my health and to be here as long as I can for my family.

I’m thankful that my PCOS didn’t prevent me from having a baby. I’ve been blessed with one……But it doesn’t mean my body won’t find it difficult in the future (fingers crossed it doesn’t). I know I just have to work harder on my weight loss, more changes to my diet and push myself harder!

Life can be full of Super Hard times and real struggles. I am a normal mom who started a journey thinking it would be a “FAD DIET” but boy was I wrong. It’s a lifestyle change.


“I’ve become the healthy mom I have always wanted to be”

“The Healthy Mommy has helped me to push myself, and fuel myself with nutritious food and become the healthy mom I know I’ve always wanted to be.

I am learning to not shy away from the camera, buy the smaller sizes and feel comfortable in my own skin….. Oh and just being happy with 28lbs gone for good.

I’m nowhere near my goal and still have a long way to go to reach it, but I know I am closer than I ever was before”.

Wow Maria! What an INSPIRATION you are! The Healthy Mommy would like to thank you for sharing your journey with us. We love that your new Healthy Mommy lifestyle has given you your energy back and made you the mom you have always wanted to be.

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