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How to sneak 100 squats into your daily routine for SPECTACULAR results

If you are trying to achieve a bootylicious butt like JLo then deep squats are your secret weapon. This highly effective exercise is perfect for toning your butt, thighs and hips.

Limited time? No Problem! The Healthy Mommy Community share 8 EFFORTLESS ways to sneak 100 squats into your daily routine and achieve SPECTACULAR RESULTS!

Whether you are washing the dishes, hanging out laundry or doing the grocery shop – it is always a good time to squat.  And what’s more, you don’t even need to be wearing your workout clothes. So ladies, don’t delay!

Here are some effortless ways to squat your way to that bootylicious butt you have always dreamed of. Thanks to the incredible moms in The Healthy Mommy community for sharing their photos and tips with us.

8 effortless ways to squat your way to that bootylicious butt

1. Walking the dog

Jenny McPhail stops to do her squats while doing her daily walk with her dog.  Warning – your dog might bowl you over in their excitement of having you down at their level (as Jenny discovered), but it is definitely worth it.

2. Folding the laundry

If you have children, you probably have laundry to do, and lots of it! Sam Stevenson puts on music and does her squats as she is folding her laundry. “It makes the whole process of laundry so much more fun! I can easily do 100 squats during this one activity,” Sam says.

3. Waiting for the kids to get dressed

Anyone with kids knows how stressful it is waiting for your kids to get dressed or put their shoes on! It brings a whole new meaning to ‘snail pace!’. Courtney Trotter uses the time it takes for her children to put on their shoes every day to smash out her squats.  Not only does it make her feel great, it reduces that stressed feeling.

4. The grocery store

No shame here! Nikola Green proves that any place is a good place for a few squats.  Even the grocery store! Ok, you may get a few weird looks but when you’ve had an amazing butt transformation like Nikola you will be squatting your way around the grocery store too.

5. Waiting for the coffee to brew or kettle to boil

If you are partial to coffee or tea and find yourself drinking several cups a day you will be amazed how many squats you can do while waiting for the coffee to brew or kettle to boil. 5 cups a day and 20 squats each time.

You will easily be smashing out 100 before dinner time. Waiting for the coffee/kettle to boil is where Chloe Cox smashes out her 100 squats.

6. Doing the Laundry

We love Nikola Green’s system of  squatting while hanging out the washing. 1 squat for each item of her children’s clothes, 2 squats for adult clothes and 3 squats for larger items like bed linen. Go Nikola!

7. With clingy children onboard

Got a child that always wants to be held? No problem. Julia Meadows simply does her squats with her daughter onboard!  Check out Julia’s amazing butt transformation results.

8. Scenic view squats

Lauren da Silva likes to take breaks while she is out walking to do her squats. While we don’t necessarily encourage you doing your squats at the edge of a cliff, a great view or point of interest can make your squats that much more enjoyable.

Thanks to all the moms in the Healthy Mommy community for sharing their squatting photos and tips with us and our readers.

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