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SNEAK PEEK at April’s ‘Immune Boosting and Budget Friendly’ recipes

The April 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge  is all about teaching you how to be fit and healthy throughout the coming months.

It is jam-packed with ideas and recipes to help boost you so that all the moms following it will have the best opportunity to increase their immune system strength and fight off any nasty germs that might try to get in your way.

3 ‘Immune Boosting and Budget Friendly’ recipes

The Healthy Mommy nutritionist team have devised a 28 Day Immune Boosting Program that will both boost your immune system while on a budget (all meals under $2.50) and will help you lose weight too – it’s a triple whammy!

Here is just a tiny sample of the tasty recipes on offer.

Veggie Nuggets $1.57 per serve


A healthy version of a fast food favorite. Make these delicious nuggets from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for the whole family.

Get the recipe HERE.

Immunity Boosting Chicken Broth $0.56 per serve

Boost your immune system with this nutritious, warming soup from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Soups are ideal to help boost your immunity as not only do they hydrate you with the high liquid content but they’re also loaded with nutrients that are cooked into the meal.

Get the recipe HERE.

Superfood Rocky Road $0.38 per serve

A delicious and nutritious version of a chocolate treat straight from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Loaded with nuts, seeds and fruit to keep you energized and your immunity boosted.

Get the recipe HERE.

The 28 Day Immune Boosting program.

BOOST your immunity and weight loss in 28 days!

Take part in our Immunity 28 Day Program this April – all recipes and meal plans created by our Nutritionists to BOOST your Immunity on a budget.

  • Get instant and permanent access to our Healthy Mommy app which includes 4,000 recipes, 400 workout videos, daily support and the 28 Day Challenge
  • Get new amazing nutritionist Recipe plan every week
  • Get ongoing support and motivation
  • Daily indoor exercises videos to keep you fit
  • Daily support from The Healthy Mommy team and over 200,000

Get all the details in one click right HERE.

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