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5 ways to stay on track while dining out

Following a healthy eating plan like the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is relatively straightforward when you are at home, but there will be times when you are dining out with family and friends. 

So, how do you ensure you make nutritious meal choices without undoing all of your hard work? To start with, you DON’T have to stick with a side salad (unless that’s what you want)! You’re paying good money to eat out – you don’t have to deprive yourself. 

Healthy Mommy Alicia, who has lost 60 lbs following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has shared some helpful tips on how she makes wise meal choices that she enjoys and that help her to stay on track while dining out. 

“When you are trying to make healthy food choices, the temptation of a restaurant menu may be overwhelming,” says Alicia.

“Try these tips to enjoy your meal without sacrificing your healthy eating goals.”

Alicia’s 5 tips for dining out and staying on track with your weight loss

1. Plan ahead

Alicia suggests looking at the menu online ahead of your reservation and selecting your meal in your mind.

“Look at the menu online and make your choice ahead of time to avoid making a decision while under pressure or hungry,” she says. “If you can, make a decision on where you want to eat.

“Try choosing a healthy option. Also, try choosing a time of day when you think you won’t be starving – to help you from eating the entire buffet!”

2. Consider the vegetarian option

From Alicia’s dining out experience, meals that often are the lowest in calories, super-nutritious and the healthiest are vegetarian ones.

“These meals are usually the lowest in calories and often the healthiest –  if they’re not stuffed with cheese. All restaurants will have at least one meat-free choice.

“If you are eating at a buffet-style venue, visit the salad bar first!”

3. Avoid drinking alcohol

Alicia encourages moms to ditch the liquid calories and stick to water.

“Your bank balance will thank you too,” she adds.

4. Work it into your calorie count

“If you know roughly how many calories you plan to consume, you can plan the rest of your day’s food choices around it to ensure you stay within your calorie goal,” Alicia says. “If you’re still concerned, try and fit in some extra exercise before or after your meal.”

You can work out how many calories you should be consuming each day through our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App.

5. Enjoy yourself

“Life is for living and one meal will not derail your entire progress, just like one healthy meal won’t make you instantly reach your goals. If you do overindulge, don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Alicia reminds moms that ‘tomorrow’ is always a new day, a new opportunity to make even healthier choices.

Thanks for the great tips, Alicia!

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