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Go core crazy for a thinner waist with this strong to the core workout

After you’ve had a baby one of the key areas you want to work on strengthening is your core muscles as they would have been given a workout during the birth. Working your glutes can also help to stabalize your core.  In fact there are many ways to strengthen your core but this strong to core workout is made just for moms.

Core crazy for a thinner waist and strong glute workout

12 x jump squats

  • Tips

Start standing with legs hip width, small jumps from a squat position to a standing position, bend your knees not your back and keep your knees in alignment with your toes. If you’re after a challenge, try going faster or do more repitions. Try not to jump high because there is too much impact on your back and joints.

  • Muscles targeted

Abs, butt, thighs. Heart muscle too.

  • Benefits of jump squats

Cardiovascular exercise to increase your metabolism and makes your heart and lungs work more efficiently which increases oxygen in your body.

  • Expected results

Burns more calories and helps with weight loss. Helps you sleep better, which then gives you more energy the next day.

12 x kettle bell swings

  • Tips

Makes sure you swing slowly and smoothly. Always engage your core and draw your belly button to your spine.

  • Muscles targeted

Entire core, torso deep inner core muscles and full body muscle activation

  • Benefits of kettle ball swings

Modern science proves this exercise benefits your core and rehabilitates your back and is a spinal health movement if executed correctly. Fun new exercise from Russia that has revolutionised the fitness industry to provide clients with an important functional movement that will assist in every day mother jobs.

  • Expected results

Slimmer waist, strong abs, very important functional strength to prevent injuries during mother duties and lifting daily shopping, or children or boxes. Creates stronger core muscles in your torso to strengthen your back. Improves your posture.

12 x squat pulses with kettle bell

  • Tips

Hold Kettle bell like a goblet at your chest, for best results carry a heavier kettle bell. Feet hip width apart to work the front of your thighs or feet wider than your shoulders with your toes and knees pointing out to work your inner thighs (or do 6 wide and 6 narrow)

If you have a new baby please ALWAYS do narrow squats due to your pubic symphysis after birth. If you feel your back at all do not squat as low. Ensure your knees are directly in line with your toes and narrow squats your knee cap is in line with your ankle. Sit your but back and down towards the ground as your chest stays up.

Bodyweight mostly in your heels as you squat. Eyes on the horizon and connect your ribs to your hips by squeezing your abdominal muscles to support your back. Make sure you bend your knees, not your back.

Check in a mirror if you are a beginner and see that you are not leaning forward and your knees are not in front of your toe alignment.

  • Muscles targeted

Abs, butt and thighs

  • Benefits of squat pulses with a kettle ball

Creates leaner stronger muscles to burn body fat even when resting. Time under tension in the muscles help shape them in less time. Any weighted movement helps strengthen your muscles and bone density to assist your future health.

  • Expected results

The ‘after burn’ helps with burning more calories. Staying strong in your physical self usually helps with household chores, mental strength, being able to cope with more as a parent.

12 x kettle bell dead lifts

  • Tips

Hold the kettle bell at the handle, stand with your feet hip width, engage your core muscles before tipping at the hips. Keep your knees slightly bent and kettlebell close to your legs as you lower into your deadlift. Draw your belly button into your spine to protect your lower back from hurting at all. Squeeze your butt muscles (glutes) and engage the back of your legs (hamstrings) to slowly pull your torso and kettle bell back up to a standing position.

At the top of the standing movement try to control your abdominals even more. If you feel pain in your lower back then bend your knees a little more or do not tip down as far and try to activate your abdominals more to protect your spine.

  • Muscles targeted

Abs (Abdominals), Butt (gluteus maximus and gluteus minimus) and back of the legs/thighs (hamstrings), Back (lower lumber erector spinae), Upper Back (Romboids).

  • Benefits of kettle ball dead lifts

A great exercise that helps activate the back of your legs and butt.

  • Results

Toning your peach bottom and legs. Happy days!!!

12 x alternating lunge jumps

  • Tips

Intermediate to advanced fitness levels only. If you are a beginner please do alternating lunges slower (this will still work the same muscle groups, less impact).

It is very important to switch on your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, try to land softly when jumping by bending the knees to absorb the impact and changing legs slower and more accurately with your technique.

The first few lunge jumps please check your knee and toe alignment is pointing forward. Use arms to swing if you need some more power or energy. Put some great music on that motivates you because these are challenging exercises.

Try to kneel down as low as possible so both knees are 90 degrees and try to power the explosive move back up to a standing position (gently and carefully work up to this or you may create an unwanted injury, so start slower and work up to a pace and level you feel safe and comfortable in).

  • Muscles targeted

All lower body muscles such as abdominals, thighs, hamstrings, calf muscles, erector spinae lower back, arms if using arms to swing.

  • Benefits of alternating lunge jumps

Is a cardio vascular and muscle toning exercise. It is dynamic and ballistic in nature which means it will always burn more calories when done with a steady pace and all 12 reps without stopping. If you do full range then you will definitely see and feel the benefits in your body within weeks or months rather than years.

  • Expected results

Fabulous goal to work up to or master if you can do them because your results will be that you tone your lower body and burn body fat easily.

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Now go core crazy for a thinner waist with this strong to the core workout and don’t forget share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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