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Quinn, Blair and Teddy: Unisex names predicted to be popular in 2020

Unisex names are all the rage right now, it seems!

Baby clothing brand, JoJo Manan Bébé, have unveiled their favourite gender-neutral names, predicting that 2020 will be the year for these type of monikers.

“Unisex names are more popular than ever – which could be because we’re breaking down gender boundaries or we’re just more likely to be set on a name before we find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl,” they explain.

“This naming trend looks like it’s here to stay, and if you need a little inspiration for your next baby, look no further.”

If you’re looking for a moniker that can’t be boxed into one gender identity, then we advise you to check these out…

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JoJo Manan Bébé‘s gender-neutral names set to be popular in 2020

  1. River
  2. Gray
  3. Quinn
  4. Wren
  5. Rowan
  6. Avery
  7. Robin
  8. Aubrey
  9. Remi
  10. Evelyn
  11. Max
  12. Indigo
  13. Albie
  14. Bailey
  15. Blair
  16. Jude
  17. Teddy
  18. Everly

Meanwhile, here are 24 of our own favorite unisex names:

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1. Quincy

Meaning: ‘From the place owned by the fifth son’.

2. Winter

Meaning: ‘The colder weather’.

3. Ellis

Meaning: ‘Jehovah is God’.

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4. Briar

Meaning: ‘A thorned shrub’. Briar Rose is the name given to Sleeping Beauty in the Brothers Grimm story tale.

5. Indigo

Meaning: ‘Purple’.

6. Sage

Meaning: ‘Wise one’.

7. Sasha

Meaning: ‘Man’s defender, warrior’.

8. Ray / Rae

Meaning: ‘King’.

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9. Ashley

Meaning: ‘Lives in the ash tree grove’.

10. Cameron

Meaning: ‘Crooked river’.

11. Corey

Meaning: ‘Dweller in or near a hollow’.

12. Drew

Meaning: ‘Ghost’ or ‘to carry’.

13. Hayden

Meaning: ‘Fire’.

14. Jesse

Meaning: ‘Gift’.

15. Jordan

Meaning: ‘Descend’.

16. Lee

Meaning: ‘Meadow’ or ‘wood’.


17. Logan

Meaning: ‘Hollow’.

18. Morgan

Meaning: ‘Sea chief’ or ‘sea defender’.

19. Perry / Perri

Meaning: ‘Son of Henry’.

44 of the BEST baby names that begin with the letter K - what’s your favorite one?

20. Reese

Meaning: ‘Ardent, fiery’.

21. Riley

Meaning: ‘Valiant’.

22. Shannon

Meaning: ‘Wise river’.

23. Skyler

Meaning: ‘Scholar’.

24. Taylor

Meaning: ‘Eternal beauty’

There you have it! 26 adorable gender neutral baby names.

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