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Weight Loss for Busy Moms

As busy moms we’re usually so focused on making sure that everyone else in the family is eating healthy that we forget to look after our own health. With so much on our plates it can be hard to see how we can find a time to focus on weight loss for busy moms or a meal plan that may help.

This is where The Healthy Mommy’s 28 Day Weight  Loss Challenge can help, it’s designed specifically to help busy moms to lose weight and eat healthy. With easy to make recipes, customizable meal plans to suit your family and easy exercises you can do at home the 28 Day Challenge is the perfect choice for busy moms.

How can busy moms lose weight?

Busy moms wear many hats! Finding a balance between being a carer, worker and partner is hard for any mom, but even more of a juggling act when trying a weight loss meal plan.

Allowing yourself to care for yourself by making your health a priority will not only benefit you but your kids and family also! A better you is better for everyone too.

If you can’t quite work out how you can focus on your health and lose that extra weight we have some tips to help.

Customize your meal plan

The ways in which you can prioritise your health being a busy mom are to plan, plan, plan. Just like how you plan your children’s days, their after-school activities, and even what time they go to bed, the same can go for your health. Making it a priority and putting in the time can make a world of difference.

The first step in putting your health first is by creating a meal plan for weight loss. But you need to remember that your likes, needs and goals are unique to you which means just grabbing a 30-day meal plan for weight loss from a random website may not suit you. These types of plans are not personalised to your wants, needs and goals so are unlikely to help you meet your goals.

So find something you like and if it doesn’t suit all your needs make changes and personalize it for yours and your families needs.

Make time to exercise

Exercise doesn’t mean just running on a treadmill for an hour! If you have a busy day ahead of you and don’t have time to hit the gym, there are plenty of ways to sneak in a little exercise. Do some squats while hanging out the laundry, dance around the kitchen while you’re cleaning or even try doing some bicep curls with your grocery bags!

Kids LOVE being active and moving their bodies, so next time you go to the park, don’t sit on the sidelines but get involved! Play a game of soccer, take a bike ride or play a game of tag. They will LOVE it, especially as kids love copying their parents!

Sometimes though, us moms need a bit of “me time.” Once the kids have gone to bed, take that time to focus on yourself and squeeze in a workout of your choice. That way there will be no interruptions!

Challenge yourself with a weight loss challenge

You could join something like The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and be given all the tools you need to succeed in losing weight. You get a range of recipes that suit any dietary needs, customizable meal plans for every day of the week, a whole collection of easy exercises that can be done at home anytime and plenty more tips and advice to support you.

There is also a whole lot of free challenges aimed at weight loss for busy moms that you can find on The Healthy Mommy website or elsewhere on the internet. Find one that resonates with you and your goals and start working on it every day. Small changes each day will add up to larger changes in your habits and your health.

Another option could be creating your own challenge, if 28 days seems like too hard at first, try a week! Plan out your meals for a week, commit to doing particular exercises on different days and plan it out, make your health a priority. When you get to the end of the week review how you went and see what new habits you have created or positive changes in how you feel. Maybe even have a reward like a massage for sticking to your challenge all week.

Creating a busy mom weight loss meal plan

Decide what you would like to cook during your session. You can choose to meal prep just dinners (a great start!), or add in lunches too (why not just use dinner leftovers for lunch?), you might want to meal prep some snacks too.

If you are part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge you can jump on the app and type in an ingredient you want to use, (e.g. mince) and see what recipes pop up that you like the look of. You can customise your meal plan and then hit the ‘shopping list’ button.

If you don’t have the app you can still search the web to find a selection of recipes you want to make for the week ahead. Once you have found a good bank of recipes you can plan out your week and then carve out some time (depending on what you’re cooking and how many recipes you have) to spend in the kitchen cooking.

Lots of our moms in The Healthy Mommy community swear by the Sunday afternoon cook up, but do whatever works for you. Many moms do meal prep twice a week.

Our top weight loss tips for busy moms

Create a visual reminder

One great way to get and stay motivated is to create a motivation board as a visual reminder of your goals and why you are doing what you are doing. Once you have created the board make sure it is hanging somewhere that you will see it every day so that it reminds you and motivates you to keep going.

Exercise with a group or partner

The best way to get your weight loss motivation at its best and stay on track is to get your family and especially your partner on board with your weight loss journey. What’s more, if you have a few people on board with you then you can all get together and exercise together and really everything is better when you have company.

Play your favourite workout music to get inspired

One great way to help you get motivated to lose weight is to create a workout playlist that is full of songs that will keep you pumped and motivated. Include your favourite songs and songs that will keep you moving, motivated and push you to keep going.

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Get into shape with The Healthy Mommy

Regain your body confidence with The Healthy Mommy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Our Challenge is designed by moms FOR MOMS – to help them reach their goal weight and tackle their health and fitness.

The Challenge is home to customizable meal plans, 24/7 social support and realistic exercises moms can do AT HOME.

To find out more on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge click here.

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