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Weight Loss for New Moms

When you’re trying to lose weight after pregnancy, finding a routine that works for you is key. As a postpartum mom, routines rule your life, but so often it’s everyone else’s needs dictating what you do throughout the day.

Being intentional about how YOUR needs fit into the family routine will help you make time and prioritise what you need to do so you can lose the pregnancy weight.

We understand how demanding being a mom can be and sometimes the last thing you want to do is a workout or meal prep. The Healthy Mommy and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge makes it EASY for you to fit it all seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Healthy ways to lose weight for new moms

It’s really important to be gentle with yourself and your body. Give your body time to recover properly – especially if you had a rough birth and/or pregnancy.

But at the same time, it’s okay to set goals for yourself – it can be so motivating and give you something to focus on. Your goal might be weight related (like getting back to my pre-baby weight by 12 months postpartum). Or it might be something like fitting back into your favourite pre-pregnancy dress for your next birthday. Whatever your goal is, break it down into smaller milestones to make sure it’s achievable within the set time frame.

One pound per week is a healthy and realistic weight loss goal for new moms (once recovered from birth). It can really add up to amazing results if you persist with healthy eating and exercise long-term.

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Quick and easy meal plan

Being a new mom means you have less time than you did before the baby was born which is why planning is integral to you kicking your goals. Making sure you have a meal plan for weight loss that will work to help you achieve your weight loss goals is the key to your weight loss success. But how do you find a weight loss meal plan that will work for you?

Like anything you need to first know your goals before you plan for your own success, once you have your goals you can then plan what will help you achieve them. There are a lot of other things to consider when creating your meal plan for weight loss including the nutritional needs, food preferences and allergies or sensitivities of you and your family. You also need to think about what you and your families life is like, if you are extremely active you will have different needs to a family that isn’t as active.

The best way to make sure your weight loss meal plan will work for you is to customize it to you and your families needs.

Post-pregnancy friendly exercise

One thing you have to remember when you are starting to exercise as a new mom is that first and foremost you have to look after yourself, you have just given birth to a child and your body needs time to recover from this. Once you and your body is ready to get started with exercise remember to take it easy and start small.

A strength training program that focuses on your core and pelvic floor should be your first priority once you start training again.

If you jump straight back into high-intensity training or lifting heavy weights, there’s a high risk that you’ll injure yourself.

We understand that you’re keen to lose weight and fit back into your favourite old clothes as quickly as possible, but trust us when we say going too hard, too fast, will increase the likelihood of experiencing a setback that will derail your exercise routine.

Unless your core and pelvic floor are strengthened as a first priority, you could experience a range of health problems including back pain or pelvic floor problems such as incontinence, flatulence or pelvic organ prolapse.

Following years of experience and having helped thousands of other mothers build up their strength and fitness after pregnancy, we believe the best strategy is to strengthen the core and pelvic floor first, before moving on to more challenging workouts.

An easy to follow weight loss challenge

You could join something like The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and be given all the tools you need to succeed in losing weight. You get a range of recipes that suit any dietary needs, customizable meal plans for every day of the week, a whole collection of easy exercises that can be done at home anytime and plenty more tips and advice to support you.

There is also a whole lot of free challenges aimed at weight loss for busy moms that you can find on The Healthy Mommy website or elsewhere on the internet. Find one that resonates with you and your goals and start working on it every day. Small changes each day will add up to larger changes in your habits and your health.

Creating a new mom weight loss plan

It’s easy to choose something fast and often unhealthy when your a busy mom trying to juggle multiple things and the wants and needs of multiple people. With so much going on the idea of sitting down and writing out a meal plan for weight loss just seems like too much effort which is why most people don’t do it.

Creating a meal plan for weight loss doesn’t need to be a daunting or overwhelming task but if you don’t do it you are unlikely to hit any of your weight loss goals because without a plan it’s easier to fall off the weight loss wagon. There are so many options out there to help create a simple meal plan to lose weight or there are weight loss meal plan delivery services.

Create a simple weight loss meal plan for yourself and your family, place it where you see it every day to keep you on track. Another benefit of planning ahead when it comes to meals is that when you plan out your meals you are unlikely to buy food you don’t need which means you save money as well as staying healthy.

Weight loss tips for new moms

  1. Work out your BMR and BMI on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app, so that you know the recommended calories you should be taking in for weight loss. It’s also advised to take your measurements, as the scales don’t always tell the truth, so you might find that your waist is shrinking if you take monthly measurements.
  2. At home HIIT workouts are perfect for busy moms as they are fast, effective, and can be completed at home with the kids. You can get all of these on the app.
  3. Stay hydrated, as this is beneficial for weight loss. You can add some fresh mint, cucumber or berries to your water to keep things interesting.
  4. Support is essential for new moms, so be sure to check out the Healthy Mommy Facebook support page. You’re already doing a great job, but there really is no such thing as too much support!

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