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When can I start to lose baby weight?

Welcome to The Healthy Mommy – we totally understand how to lose baby weight and we are here to help you lose weight in a healthy way and when you feel 100% ready to do so.

A common question we are asked is how soon can I lose my baby weight‘ and with all the media attention on this subject, and the negativity these words can sometimes attract, we thought we would clearly outline our stance on it.

Firstly, losing weight and body image is a very personal subject and topic and everyone has different goals and it is very rare to find different people having the same goals and body images.

Rhian Healthy Mommy

But when it comes to losing the baby weight, certainly a common goal (so our research tells us) is that women want to lose their weight to regain their body confidence, to feel healthy, to have energy for their children and to get back into their pre-pregnancy clothes and pre-pregnancy weight.

Now for some women this means getting back to a size 4 and for others it means getting back to a size 12.  The end goal is always a personal one and we believe the focus should be on health and on your own happiness not on external factors or pressures – such as celebrities in the media who live a very different life to normal moms.

When can moms start The Healthy Mommy Plans?

As for when women can start to lose their baby weight – again this is a personal decision. For some women they want to start a couple of months after the birth and for others it is more than 12 months, 24 months or more.

The key is not to even think about it until you are ready and this often comes down to what kind of baby you have, if they are sleeping good, if they are in a routine and if you are first time mom (we find the second time moms are ready to lose their weight faster). And for some moms you won’t be ready for years to lose weight – again – there is no right or wrong time – it is about when the time is right for you.

The most important thing is to bond with your baby, cope with your new life, cope with your hormones and cope with a lack of sleep – not worry about the scales. But when you do feel ready to lose weight it is absolutely crucial to do it in the right way – and that means by following a sensible weight loss plan which is what we have created with our plans.

Being a mom is hard work and it is important to find a diet and exercise plan that takes that into account – which is why we launched The Healthy Mommy plans in 2010.  The plans are easy to follow, are packed full of nutrients so you feel healthy and don’t end up eating junk food and we are here to support you every day.

And for those moms who just want to have a healthy food option straight after birth our plans can be started straight away and are GREAT for giving you all the nutrition you need in minimal time – plus they are breastfeeding safe – but as we say to all new moms just don’t stress about the weight loss too soon – instead focus on eating healthily and the weight loss will be a by-product of this.

What else do you need to know?

  1. There is not a set number of calories on the plan or ‘banned’ foods. Everyone has a different Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) so we don’t set calorie restrictions and breastfeeding moms also need additional calories – you can work your BMR within the app. The plans are based on excellent nutrition where weight loss is a natural by-product of eating and living well – and it works!
  2. The team are here every day of the week for daily support and advice.
  3. We have a very high success rate and 9/10 moms would recommend our plans to their friend.
  4. Moms have lost over 6 million pounds* on our plans

body love healthy mommy

Sensitive Babies

Some babies have allergies, colic or digestive issues and can react to an array of different foods. If your baby is particularly sensitive we advise discussing a food plan with your Doctor and sticking to a plain diet with low taste foods to avoid any reaction and not beginning any new diet with new foods or tastes.

When introducing any new food into your diet, we advise being alert to any food sensitivity in your baby such as a change in bowel movements and discontinuing any new diet plan if any food sensitivity occurs.


Moms have incredible results on our plans. Whether moms have 100 lbs or 5 lbs to lose, we can help.

You can see results posted on our website from moms sending in their weight loss results and you can also join our private group to see thousands of results from moms and be part of our supportive community of like-minded moms on a healthy weight loss journey

Tamara Deborah has lost 90 lbs

“Making the decision to completely change your life isn’t easy. But for me, being overweight, unfit, unhealthy and lethargic was without a doubt so much harder than what the past 18 months have been,” says Tamara.

“I’ve lost 90 lbs using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. The Healthy Mommy has helped make it easier to make such big changes. Choose your hard!”


Tawhai Duffy has lost 114 lbs

“When I found The Healthy Mommy in August 2014 I was desperate to lose weight for my wedding but was so overwhelmed with the amount I needed to lose.

After years of losing and gaining weight, I needed something I could easily follow, adapt for my family and be able to maintain.

As soon as I looked at the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges I signed up, it has been one of the best decisions for myself and my family.

I lost 114 lbs in 15 months and gained more energy, confidence and fitness. I’ve had some extremely hard days and weeks, we all do, but what’s important is to never give up.” 

Tawhai-Duffy 114lbs

Jessica May Magill has lost 44 lbs

“44 lbs gone and so much more confidence gained, thanks to all things Healthy Mommy.”

Jordi Aldrick has lost 22 lbs

“I was not going to post this photo on the left taken today and on the right 6 months ago after my second daughters birth. Because it’s just plain horrible!

But I’m not that bloated unhappy tired mom on the right anymore I used to hate photos of myself unless it was my face now I love photos so I can compare my weight loss.  I changed my whole outlook on food since joining The Healthy Mommy. I still eat yummy food, but I learned to eat it the right way.”


No pressure

We are absolutely not here to put pressure on moms to lose weight. We instead offer support, advice and plans to help moms lose weight when they are 100% physically and emotionally ready to do so – which could be a few months post birth or a few years. Everyone is an individual and we treat them as such.

The aim of The Healthy Mommy is to educate moms how they can make small changes to their life to become healthier and also show them how they can change their life to a healthy one for them and their family.

when can i start to lose baby weight

It is not about making extreme changes to your life or about becoming a health and fitness fanatic and is instead about making health fun and part of your life as well as giving useful healthy life information across all aspects of a mom’s life

The Healthy Mommy has an expert team of nutritionists and exercise specialists who create all the products, meal and exercise plans.

You can join the challenge directly here

Please only begin any exercise routine post birth after receiving the all clear from your Doctor and never put any pressure on yourself to do exercise before you are 100% recovered post birth – which could up to 12 months or more if you have had a difficult birth.

The owners of The Healthy Mommy shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained herein.

*Images and references to pounds lost are as supplied by the individual in the story. The Healthy Mommy assumes information and photographs supplied to be true in nature and is not responsible for any false misrepresentations or claims relating to their programs or products.

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