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Wow! “I’ve lost the equivalent of an ENORMOUS bale of hay” says country mom

Comparing your weight loss to physical objects is a great way to help you fully appreciate just how much you have lost and how far you have come on your weight loss journey.

Many of the AMAZING mums participating in our Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges admit they hadn’t fully appreciated how much they had lost until they compared their results with physical objects.

We’ve seen comparisons to everything from bags of sugar to potatoes to car tyres, but none of them have been quite as jaw-dropping and hilarious as the comparison shown by mom Laura Linklater.

“My amusing weight loss comparison”

Country mom and The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Laura Linklater couldn’t believe her eyes when she realised that her weight loss was equivalent to an ENORMOUS bale of hay! Her response is hilarious.

Laura has lost 56 lbs (down from 182 lbs to 126 lbs) in 12 months.

She says “What’s missing between August 2018 and August 2019? A frikin’ bale of hay!

I’m a country lass, so Google greatly amused me when it told me that a bale of hay weighs (4 stone) 56lbs.

I can barely move a bale of hay. So I just keep thinking how much healthier my heart is not having so support that!”

“When I got started my body was broken”

Laura says “I had 3 babies in under 4 years – my body was so broken I didn’t even recognise it by the time baby 3 was born. I struggled to feed myself, let alone the family. I had no energy and existed on biscuits and white carbs.

After having her 3rd baby in May 2018 Laura weighed 13 stone.

She says “I’ve been just under 9 stone my entire adolescence and adult life until having babies and whilst I’d never change having my gorgeous children, I didn’t feel or look like ‘ME’ anymore.

I didn’t have the tools or the strength or the confidence to be who I wanted to be and was feeling overwhelmed!”

Not long after Laura’s doctor gave her the all clear to start exercising she came across The Healthy Mommy on Facebook. At the time she had been searching for breastfeeding friendly smoothies. She decided at that moment to give The Healthy Mommy a try.

Her goal – to become strong, fit and healthy.

She says “I needed energy to keep up with my kids and I just felt tired. At my heaviest, I felt like the reflection in the mirror just wasn’t my true self”.

How Laura lost a hay bale of weight

Laura joined The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in July 2018 and fully committed to her new lifestyle in September 2018. Following the monthly meal plans and the exercise videos via the Challenge App.

Amongst the thousands of healthy and delicious recipes available on the Challenge App Laura says “my favourite meal is the Cheesy Slow Cooker Mince. It’s so easy and quick to prep, and it’s a great meal to come home to after a long day out.

For snacks the Hot Cross Bliss Balls are a win for me (even though they’re an Easter recipe).”

In addition to the nutritious and delicious meals from the Challenge meal plan, she has also been enjoying smoothies.

She says “The smoothies have helped me increase my protein intake, up my muscle density and curb my breastfeeding hunger pains. They are a convenient meal even when life is mental/ kids have chicken pox/ there has been no sleep.”

Weight loss – 56 lbs in 12 months

She has lost 56 lbs in 12 months with The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and smoothies and gone from maternity size 14/16 down to an 8/10.

Laura says “My weight loss has plateaued and I think it’s because I am working on my strength now, and adding muscle definition in my thighs and my arms especially, so the number on the scales is less reliable than it was when I had more to lose.

“Why The Healthy Mommy works for me”

Having no foods off limits is something that appeals to Laura.

She says “the idea of some foods being described as wrong, unacceptable – literally a sin! – actually kind of pees me off. Because that is NOT a message I want my daughter (or sons) to pick up about food.

And THAT is why I love The Healthy Mommy! It makes me feel good, strong, powerful and in control.

The program, the people, the team, the ladies on the support group – EVERYONE respects women and just wants them to be the best and the happiest they can be!”

The Healthy Mommy team would like to thank Laura for sharing her incredible results with us and her hilarious weight loss comparison. What an INSPIRATION she is to us all!

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