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These 7 AMAZING moms have dropped several dress sizes and can’t stop smiling

It’s not just the lbs lost that these 7 AMAZING Healthy Mommy moms all have in common.

They’ve all embarked on a life-changing health journey and are smashing their goals! As a result their bodies are shrinking one dress size at a time and they couldn’t be happier.

We love the confidence that is radiating from within each of them.  They share their thoughts and feelings below.

Weight loss is more than a number on the scales.

It is easy to get hung up on the number on the scales when trying to lose weight but one of the most important ways to measure your success is how your clothes fit.

Just ask these moms below who are all losing weight and dropping dress sizes in the process.

Mercy Winters “This is the first time in my life I have felt comfortable in a skirt”

Dress size 12 down to 6/8

“I’m 35 and mum to 2 little ones who are 4 and 6. I also have a husband who has a full time job, along with being a retained fire fighter. I work part time in an office, and the rest of the time I am mom!

I’ve been a Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member for 12 months and in that time have lost around 2 stone and gone down from size 12 to a 6-8.

The photo on the right was this morning as I was leaving for work. Probably the first time in my life I’ve felt comfy in a skirt. No sweaty bits everywhere, no painfully rubbing thighs.

I think more than the weight loss, the confidence and the improvement in my mental health is the biggest change I’ve experienced. I have energy, I don’t rely on chocolate and fizzy drinks to get me through the day and I am less bloated.

The Healthy Mommy truly is a game changer. And it’s totally sustainable too. Thank you Healthy Mommy! “

Sharon Kenny “Today I feel amazing!”

Dress size 18 down to a size 12

“Today I feel amazing. I don’t have to go to the back of the store to pick out something to wear when shopping.

My name is Sharon and I’m a mom to 5 young boys. I have been following The Healthy Mommy since October 2018 (8 months). I  love all the amazing recipes I have access too on The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Since joining The Healthy Mommy I have gone down from a size 18 to a size 12. I’m happy and healthy and starting to work towards my dreams which I never thought I could do 9 months ago due to bad anxiety.

The Healthy Mommy has changed my life and made me a better healthier person and a better mom to my boys.”

Jenny Swift “I am so much more body confident”


Dress size 10/12 down to a comfortable 8

“Before I started The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I was a bit lost with what to do with getting fit and healthy.

I snacked a lot and on the wrong things and I dabbled in exercise but never had the motivation to maintain my interest.

Along came The Healthy Mommy with a lifestyle change which made exercise possible most days and fit round family life. And lots of yummy recipes for meals and snacks enabling me to keep eating the things I love like chocolate.  

I’ve lost about 17.5lbs but I focus more on the measurements. I’ve gone from a 10/12 to a comfy 8 which is just amazing for me and I’m just so much more body confident than I’ve been for so long.

I’m very proud of my body for growing 2 children but now I’m also proud to show it off too! All thanks to The Healthy Mommy and you lovely ladies for inspiring me!”

Marcia Nix McTaggart “I’m comfortable in my own skin for the first time in years”


Dress size 10/12 down to 8

“I’ve made a lot of progress in 3 months since joining The Healthy Mommy.

The biggest change hasn’t been on the scale or in my clothing size (I’m down from a 10/12 to a 8!!). It has been my mindset and my eating habits!

Since joining The Healthy Mommy, I no longer really crave the crap I was eating before. Now for snacks I reach for veggies or some of the MANY healthy and delicious snack options on the app!

I’m comfortable in my own skin for the first time in YEARS (just look at the smile on my face!). I’m confident that even though I have more weight I’d like to lose, I have the tools to do so and I’ll get to my goal! Thank you Healthy Mommy for this!”

Brigit Flint-Chapman “I can’t wipe the smile off my face”

Dress size 12/14 down to size 10

Bye bye belly! I think it is my favorite transformation photo I have ever done. Feeling so much better, less bloated and way more energy. Only 10.5 ounces difference in weight between photos but over 39 inches just from the tummy/belly area and I can definitely see some abs!

I recently purchased some new tracksuits. I would normally buy a 12/14 and I thought I could try a 10. Not only do they fit they are baggy!

Thank you Healthy Mommy I can’t wipe the smile off my face after seeing this change this morning. I can’t wait to see what more changes I can bring the rest of World Healthy Mommy Month. “It’s moments like these that I’m so glad I took the leap and signed up the The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges nearly 4 years ago.”

Courtney Thursfield “I love having a feminine shape and being able to show it off”

Dress size 12/14 down to a size 4.

Dressing for my new shape has gotten easier and easier since losing 59lbs over the last 18 months.  Now I love wearing dresses!

I used to think the more material the better, and I have learned through The Healthy Mommy that I don’t need to hide anything. I don’t need to worry about showing a lump here, or a bump there.

I love having a feminine shape and being able to show it off!”

Well done ladies. The Healthy Mommy team are incredibly proud of you and your smiles are contagious.  Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

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