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Keeping Healthy In Winter

When the weather starts to get cooler do you get a little nervous about losing less weight or even putting on weight?

This is a common feeling among many women and mommies but with these 6 tips below, winter and the cooler months can still be part of your healthy eating journey.

Try a different exercise

Don’t use the cooler weather as an excuse to not exercise. Give your routine a boost and reinvigorate it with some different exercises. Try some hot powered yoga. Try running on your lunch break. Try dancing for 10 minutes at 6am. Try something different and keep your heart beating and moving.

Take up a night time hobby

One of the worst tricks of winter is the late night curse of tv and warm desserts with snuggling. Although this is deliciously relaxing, take up a new hobby so you do not sit there mindlessly eating warm comfort foods. Start stretching, reading, writing a book, taking photos, craft, warm baths, learning a new language. There is so much time in the evenings that we often waste.

Hearty foods

Winter food can be hearty without the fat and kilojoules. Try thickening up soups with barley, legumes or soup mix. Add in tinned tomatoes and a little cornflour. Puree cooked vegetable to thicken up a stew, casserole or soup. Cut off the fat of your meat cuts and add in additional herbs and spices instead. If you desperately want to use cream, try reduced fat or even low fat plain yoghurt as a substitute.

Hot drinks

Avoid the hot coffee and the full fat creamy hot chocolates. Of course have one every now and then, but warm yourself up regularly with a delicious array of teas. There are so many herbal teas around these days which are flavoursome, refreshing and warming during winter without the calories.

Rug up

A little cold outside, rug yourself and the kids up and get outside to run around. The reduced humidity with clear crisp blue skies is the most beautiful time to get out and be active. Get on a bike and ride the tracks and play tip in the garden. Get out and be active, even if it is a little cold.

Get online

There are some great exercise videos and recipes online for some inside healthy eating and exercising inspiration. Check out all of our recipes here and some exercise tips as well for you to get active at home.

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