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The right kind of music makes you workout HARDER, study finds

If you workout regularly, the chances are you have a gym playlist on your Spotify account.

In fact, there’s a good reason we like to listen to certain types of things while we exercise, as a study has found that the right kind of music makes you workout HARDER.


Upbeat music makes you workout harder, study reveals

It turns out high-tempo music is the best to exercise to, as it gets your heartbeat pumping and boosts your mood.

According to the study, which was published in journal Frontiers Psychology, high-tempo songs can also reduce any feelings of pain or fatigue during a workout and increase your stamina.

“We found that listening to high-tempo music while exercising resulted in the highest heart rate and lowest perceived exertion compared with not listening to music,” says study author Luca Ardigò.

“This means that the exercise seemed like less effort, but it was more beneficial in terms of enhancing physical fitness.”


What’s more, other research has found that when music is motivational or synchronized with your exercise and has a strong, steady beat you can pedal or run to the beat of the music and workout more effectively.

A 2006 study found that when participants listened to fast sounding music they increased their pace on the treadmill and traveled a greater distance.

Music also has a psychological effect, as it can lead to feelings of pleasure which helps boost your levels of serotonin levels. This may help you associate working out with feeling good.

In some ways, music can be regarded as a type of drug that gets our endorphins pumping.

What’s your favorite workout song? We’d love to know.

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