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Yes it’s true, you can lose weight on your vagina!

Let’s be honest, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle is the best feeling in the world. But we’ve found a close second. Being able to see your lady parts and noticing they’ve lost weight too! Hoorah!

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It’s a real thing

I know it may seem silly to some, but it’s a real thing. Khloe Kardashian has spoken openly about it, referencing her camel toe. She even gave it a name, Camille. Camille the camel, clever.

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Khloe shares the picture on her Instagram, saying “oh Camille the camel is trying to say hi! I hope she listens today”.

The camel toe does in fact have a real name: mons-pubis. And it is possible to lose weight down there. Dr. Sherry Ross explains “Weight loss and weight gain can definitely change the appearance of your vagina, for better or worse,” Ross says. “Losing significant weight will reduce the size and shape of your mons and your outer labia, making your vagina look better and healthier.”

She explains that when it comes to having a healthy looking mons (aka how to get rid of that camel toe), it all comes down to your BMI (body mass index). If you’re overweight, your mons is more likely to protrude. If you drop a dress size, you’ll notice a difference in how your tight pants fit and you can say goodbye to Camille. From a Big Mac to a cheeseburger as one lady so hilariously described it.

A little fat down there isn’t the end of the world

Don’t forget that a little bit of cushioning is important for your mons pubis. It helps protect your delicates from chafing and injury during sex.

I’m glad Khloe said it out loud. It’s one of those things that we notice about ourselves but never want to discuss. Thank you Khloe K, for normalizing camel toes.

Now, how many times have I said camel toe in this article? Too many.

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