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Welcome to The Healthy Mommy. Home of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – made for real moms!

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What do you get on the Healthy Mommy App & 28 Day Challenges

✔︎ Over 1,500 family and budget friendly recipes.
✔︎ Nutritionist-designed meal plans that can be customised to suit your dietary needs – dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free menus available.
✔︎ Daily 30 minute fully instructed fitness programs to suit your fitness level, from postnatal to advanced. Designed by our Fitness Experts.
✔︎ Exercise programs including strength training, cardio, fully body & pilates. No equipment required – workout from home – perfect for BUSY moms.
✔︎ Messages from the Healthy Mommy Coach that motivate you and give you tips on health, budgeting, fitness and more. Plus, you can upload progress photos to empower you and remind you of how far you have come.
✔︎ Support from our global community of 1.5 million moms.


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Get support from our global community of 1.5 million moms

Join our Healthy Mommy Community. 

You can join thousands of busy moms in our supportive, moms only, private support group. Get advice and support 24/7 on REALISTIC weight loss, and on living a healthy life.


Meet some of our AMAZING moms who are transforming their lives

Meet Phila

Phila, mom-of-two, has lost an amazing 16 pounds.

She says The Healthy Mommy has helped her feel better about her self and given her a real boost of self confidence.

“Love yourself enough to treat and feed your body healthy and nutritious foods. Move your body every day, even if it is just half an hour of brisk walking and get enough rest! Try for at least 6-8 hours a night.”

Meet Melanie

Melanie has lost an INCREDIBLE 130 pounds.

Before starting on her Healthy Mommy journey, Melanie lived a life of yo-yo dieting which saw her gaining all her lost weight back once she stopped.

I have had huge wins during the past 3.5 years with The Healthy Mommy. I have made beautiful life-long friendships which is the biggest win for me and I found the confidence to be MYSELF around others. I got ME back!”

Meet Cindy

Cindy has lost an INSPIRING 55 pounds over the past three years.

She says, “Maintaining a Healthy Mommy lifestyle has not only restored my own self confidence but it has created a foundation of healthy eating for my children.”

A little bit about The Healthy Mommy

We are a health community created EXCLUSIVELY for moms.

We are a health community created EXCLUSIVELY for moms that is here to empower and support you. We offer meal plans, exercise plans and weight loss plans – all of which are tailor-made for moms and are all breastfeeding friendly.

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Meet Christine

Christine has lost an AWESOME 38 pounds

Suffering from back and joint pain, Christine has never felt better in her life with energy levels and self confidence she didn’t think was possible.

“Joining The Healthy Mommy has changed my whole families lives, not only have I lost 38 pounds, I have gained self confidence and energy levels I never thought could be possible in my late 40’s.”

Meet Robyn

American mom Robyn has lost 17 pounds in only 6 months.

Before discovering The Healthy Mommy she used multiple ‘quick-fix weight loss tricks, all which did not work.

“I want to be the mom that can INSPIRE other moms they can do it too. I want to show myself I can be healthy and strong for my daughters.” 

Meet Mel

Mel Hyland FINAL-2

Mom Mel has lost an AMAZING 130 pounds

When Mel started her Healthy Mommy journey posing in her underwear for a photoshoot certainly wouldn’t have been something she would’ve considered.

“I was 298 pounds so this sort of thing would never have crossed my mind. Even when I was younger and I was quite thin, it would have been completely out of my comfort zone.”

Meet Samara

Samara has lost 38 pounds

Samara, single mom-of-two, suffered depression and anxiety after gaining over 44 pounds during her second pregnancy.

“Being a single mum of 2 girls hasn’t been easy. These girls look up to me and model as I do. So it’s important for me to show them how to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. The Healthy Mommy makes that easy!”

Congratulations ladies, you all look FANTASTIC!

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