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We settle the fridge vs pantry debate once and for all!

So where should you keep the tomato sauce, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and even some oils? We share the important facts you need to know before you put that sauce bottle back in the wrong place! You might be VERY surprised by what our expert tells us.


We settle the fridge vs pantry debate once and for all!

A recent discussion in The Healthy Mommy Community saw one mom ask where you should store peanut butter? Is it a fridge or pantry food?

90% of the moms in our community said they keep it in the pantry. But is this the best option? Is there actually any nutritional change by keeping them in the fridge? We asked our expert, nutritionist Cheree Sheldon for the facts. You might be surprised by her answer.

What the expert says

Sauces should be kept in the fridge to prevent mould growth


Cheree tells The Healthy Mommy, “Some of the fridge vs pantry debate is due to health and safety. Tomato sauce and bbq sauce are classic examples of it, where people store it in the pantry but it states on the bottle to store it in the fridge.

“Once opened it can be exposed to oxygen and microbes, which put mould growth or food poisoning at higher risk. As they are normally in colored bottles, you can’t see changes in color of sauce or mould growth, this is quite concerning.”

Peanut butter SHOULD be stored in the fridge


Cheree says as far as nutritional value, with most processed sauces, jams, butter, etc it won’t make much of a difference. “But. It is better to keep nuts, and nut butter in the fridge to keep the oil content from going rancid. If you go through a jar quickly, then the pantry is OK, but infrequent users really should store it in the fridge.”

Products that MUST be stored in the fridge

Cheree tells us that there are a few products that really MUST be stored in the fridge. Including LSA, hemp seeds and oil, linseed/flax oil, and mayonnaise. “This is because once opened these products can turn rancid quick due to fat content. Rancid oils = cancer risk and higher inflammation in the body, plus they just don’t taste as good.”

Well, that sure was interesting! I think I need to go and do a quick swap over with a few key pantry ingredients. How about you?

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