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REVEALED! 100 of the most popular baby names in the US

Looking for a trending name for your little one?  Or maybe you want to choose something unique.

Naming your child isn’t always an easy task. Your decision will ultimately stick with your little one for the rest of their lives. 

Woman’s Day has revealed 100 of the most popular baby names from the US Social Security Administration in 2018 and their meanings.

Check them out below…

The top 51 baby names for boys:

1. Liam

Meaning: “Strong-willed warrior and protector”

2. Noah

Meaning: “Rest” and “comfort”

3. William

Meaning: “Strong-willed warrior”

4. James

Meaning: “One who follows”

5. Oliver

Meaning: “Olive tree”

6. Benjamin

Meaning: “son of the south”

7. Elijah

 Meaning: “Yahweh is God”

8. Lucas

Meaning: “Light-giving” or “illumination”

9. Mason

Meaning: A last name traditionally given to stoneworkers

10. Logan

Meaning: “Small hollow”

11 Alexander

 Meaning: “Defender of men”

12. Ethan

 Meaning: “strong,” “safe,” and “firm”

13. Jacob

Meaning: “Supplanter”

14. Michael

Meaning: “Who is like God?”

15. Daniel

Meaning: “God is my judge”

REVEALED! 100 of the most popular baby names in the US

16. Henry

Meaning: “Ruler of the household”

17. Jackson

Meaning: “Son of Jack”

18. Sebastian

Meaning: “Venerable” or “revered”

19. Aiden

Meaning: “Fiery”

20. Matthew

Meaning: “Gift from God”

21. Samuel

Meaning: “Heard God” or “asked of God”

22. David

Meaning: “Beloved”

23. Joseph

Meaning: “God shall add another son”

24. Carter

Meaning: Traditionally a last name given to those who drove carts

25. Owen

Meaning: “Young warrior,” “well born,” and “noble”

26. Wyatt

Meaning: Traditionally a last name based on wido, which means “wood” or “wide”

27. John

Meaning: “God is gracious”

28. Jack

Meaning: Traditionally a nickname for John or James

29. Riley

Meaning: “Wood clearing” and “valiant”

REVEALED! 100 of the most popular baby names in the US

30. Luke

Meaning: “Light giving”

31. Jayden

Meaning: A mashup of Jay and Hayden

32. Dylan

Meaning: “Sea”

33. Grayson

Meaning: “Son of a steward”

34. Levi

Meaning: “Joined in harmony”

35. Isaac

Meaning: “He will laugh”

36. Gabriel

Meaning: “Devoted to God”

37. Julian

Meaning: “bearded” and “father of the skies”

38. Mateo

Meaning: “Gift of god”

39. Anthony

Meaning: “Priceless”

40. Jaxon

Meaning: “Son of Jack”

41. Lincoln

Meaning: “Lithe”

42. Joshua

Meaning: “Lord is salvation”

43. Christopher

Meaning: “Christ-bearer”

44. Andrew

Meaning: “Strong,” “manly,” or “courageous”

45. Theodore

Meaning: “Divine gift”

46. Caleb

Meaning: “Dog,” a symbol of devotion to God

47. Ryan

Meaning: “Descendent of the king”

48. Asher

Meaning: “Happy” or “blessed”

49. Nathan

Meaning: “He gave”

50. Thomas

Meaning: “A twin”

51. Leo

Meaning: “Lion”

The top 49 baby names for girls:

1. Emma

Meaning: “Whole” or “universal”

2. Olivia

Meaning: Feminine of Oliver, meaning “olive tree”

3. Ava

Meaning: A variation of Eve, meaning “bird”

4. Isabella

Meaning: A variation of Elizabeth, meaning “devoted to God”

5. Sophia

Meaning: “Wisdom”

6. Charlotte

Meaning: Feminine of Charles, meaning “petite” and “feminine”

7. Mia

Meaning: Variation of Maria, meaning “mine” or “wished-for child”

8. Amelia

Meaning: “Industrious” and “striving”

9. Harper

Meaning: A last name traditionally given to someone who plays the harp

10. Evelyn

Meaning: A variation of Eve, meaning “life” or “living”

11. Abigail

Meaning: A “the father’s joy”

12. Emily

Meaning: A variation of Aemilia, meaning “striving” and “eager”

13. Elizabeth

Meaning: “Consecrated to God”

14. Mila

Meaning: “Dear one”

15. Ella

Meaning: A variation of Eleanor, meaning “light”

REVEALED! 100 of the most popular baby names in the US

16. Avery

Meaning: A variation of Alfred, meaning “wise”

17. Sophia

Meaning: “Wisdom”

18. Camila

Meaning: “Attendant”

19. Aria

Meaning: “Air”

20. Scarlett

Meaning: “bright red”

21. Victoria

Meaning: “Victory”

22. Madison

Meaning: A variation of the Medieval name Madde

23. Luna

Meaning: “Moon”

24. Grace

Meaning: “Goodness” and “generosity”

25. Chloe

Meaning: From the word “Khloe,” which was used to represent Demeter, the goddess of fertility

26. Penelope

Meaning: “Weaver”

27. Layla

Meaning: “Wine,” “intoxication,” “night,” or “dark beauty”

28. Zoey

Meaning: Avariation of Zoe, meaning “life”

29. Nora

Meaning: A variation of Honora, meaning “honor”

30. Lily

Meaning: From the flower, which is a symbol of purity in Christianity

REVEALED! 100 of the most popular baby names in the US

31. Eleanor

Meaning: “Bright, shining one”

32. Hannah

Meaning: “Favor” or “grace of God”

33. Lillian

Meaning: Derived from the name Elizabeth

34. Addison

Meaning: Originally a last name derived from the name Adam

35. Aubrey

Meaning: From the Germanic name Albric, who was king of the elves in German mythology

36. Ellie

Meaning: “Shining light”

37. Stella

Meaning: “Star”

38. Natalie

Meaning: From the Russian name Natalia, meaning “birthday” of “Christmas”

39. Zoe

Meaning: “Life”

40. Leah

Meaning: “Weary”

41. Hazel

Meaning: Derived from the hazel tree and the hazelnut

42. Violet

Meaning: From the violet flower

43. Aurora

Meaning: “Dawn”

44. Savannah

Meaning: “Treeless plain”

45. Audrey

Meaning: “Noble strength”

46. Bella

Meaning: Derived from Belle, meaning “beauty”

47. Claire

Meaning: “Clear” and “bright”

48. Brooklyn

Meaning: Derived from the borough in New York City

49. Skylar

Meaning: “Scholar”

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