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Children in daycare are better behaved, study finds

All working parents will know, it’s never an easy decision (sometimes it’s a financial one) to send your child to daycare.

But they should feel rest assured their little ones are receiving fantastic benefits by being there.

A new study has found that kids in daycare are better behaved than those who stay at home.

Children in daycare are better behaved, study finds

Study finds children in daycare are better behaved

Researchers at Sorbonne University tracked 1,428 French kids from the time they were 12 months until they reached 8 years.

Experts noted the child’s care situation up to the age of 3 and whether they were in a formal childcare setting or at home.

Children in daycare are better behaved, study finds

Each child’s emotional development by continually asking parents about their conduct, including hyperactivity, and their other social skills.

The study found that those who received formal care performed best and those who had a childminder fared the worst.

Maria Melchior, from the study, said daycare kids receive more mental stimulation from play, praise and have to follow rules.

She said: “Access to high quality childcare in the first years of life may improve children’s emotional and cognitive development, prevent later emotional difficulties and promote prosocial behaviours.”

Children in daycare are better behaved, study finds

Previous studies have suggested that early childcare can help boost a child’s language and thinking skills, and could also improve their academic performance.

However, this is just one study. It doesn’t matter whether your child is in daycare, with family members or with you. At the end of the day they are all being taken care of and that’s all that matters.


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